Swords and Scavenger hunt!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here.

    So 3 nights ago was pretty crazy. I went down south to Bayville, NJ. Met up with my main partner in crime, Eric, when I got down to my old town ( which is NOT bayville).

    We were called up by our New friend ( The first night [ we'll call him Burt] Burt, eric and I chilled, we ended up have a 3 day rolling binge, haha) Burt. He told us to come out to Bayville. He could acquire swords for $15 a piece. Now for those stoners who keep it natural, Swords are a slang term for Cyboxin, a strong pill that is used to help Heroin addicts deal with their withdrawals. So it's some strong shit. Take a 1/4 of the pill, and you're nice, a half? You will be feeling fucking mad nice.

    So I take a half, and Burt does too. Not to mention I've been smoking all day, smoked a blunt on the ride down, smoked a blunt with Eric, and begin smoking with Burt. So now the 3 of us are mad fucked up. Burt declares to us he's having a scavenger hunt starting at 10pm, and ending at 12am. There are two teams of 4 so far. We're thinking this is going to be beat, but we began to make up the list.

    Points were 1-5 depending on the crazyness/ difficulty of the item.

    9:45, people begin to assemble. Next thing I know, there's 6 teams of 4. This huge scavenger hunt. People are copying down the list, making teams up. And it's Burt, the girl T he was trying to get with, myself, and eric all on a team. Perfect.

    Right as we start, Burt doesn't turn his car on.

    " What are you doing dude?! We started man!"

    " Hold on man, I got something for us."

    And Burt busted out a mirror, and a gram of some fine yayo. I roll a blunt, he chops the shit up. We begin to take lines, and start the Scavenger hunt.

    Now you need to catch up on the timeline. I took my sword about an hour ago to that point, and I have just taken lines, and been smoking all fucking day.

    " Stand under a street light naked, and take a picture- 3 points. Under Rt. 9 street light- 5 points. "

    I ended up standing naked under street lights, running on a merry-go-round naked at a park that was closed, chased around by cops naked...

    So Fucked up. Had a cigarette put out on my arm, shit looks like hell. I didn't feel it, ofcourse, haha.

    That night was fuzzy. I remember:

    Standing on the roof of the car and getting a blowjob through wendy's drive thru window, from a chick friend of the girl in the car, the two girls started making out, we got cursed off, egged a house, through a milkshake at a black caddy that had four blacks dudes in it, that had jumped Burt a week earlier.

    Such a crazy night. The total time lasted 2 hours, and Our car was filled with orange traffic cones, some huge mickey Mouse flag, pictures and video of naked people. Just a good night. Bitches kissing bitches, getting blowjobs from random people, and just being reckless and spontaneous.
  2. dam man, sounds like a fucking crazy nights, i would be totally down to do a scavenger hunt wen im fucked up:) you always tell awsome storys man, i love it!
  3. lol sounds like a pretty crazy time. yeah dude, your stories are some of the best on here.

  4. Thanks guys.

    I need to tour the country, and chill with people from GC. I'm planning it for soon. It's gotta be done.

    Anyway, I'm going down again tonight, my absolute best friend in the universe leaves for college tomorrow. We known each other since we was born. He's going from NJ to AZ. Ima cry, haha.

    But hey, gotta finish burning these CD's so I gots some music for the 30 minute ride down. Gotta finish rolling this blunt too, haha.

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