Switching To 12/12 Today...

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    Hi.....this plant is now about a foot and I'm going to start flowering today because of room issues,it's 5 weeks in veg and no sign of sex yet.Was there a certain time I should start feeding the Bloom Nutrients?Like when it starts showing or do I start where I left off with the 250ml/litre of Veg Nutrients every other day.

    Getting a little excited this is my first grow...

    Any suggestions or Ideas would be appreciated.

  2. In my experience you sometimes you dont see sex until flowering starts. Do you have Pre flowers?
  3. Don't really have an expert's answer for you but I switched to bloom nutrients the same hour I switched to 12/12 (last Friday)... probably shouldn't as I left town just an hour after that and haven't seen my babies for days. I've literally had 'nightmares' every night since I've left; that they died, someone took them, they're super tiny, zombies attacking them, etc.
  4. Thats funny....no I havent seen any preflower yet.I have a 125w sitting horzontally above and I was thinking of putting 1 small cfl's on each side 26w (2700).I'm still in the dark to what sex it will be.
  5. I'm finally reuniting with them tomorrow so I'm hoping that I'll be able to tell what mine turn out to be, really has me on edge haha hopefully both of us get ladies
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    They will be thirsty to?I'd be curious how they turn out.Sometimes its hard to tell if they are very tiny new growth or a pistel to a newbie eyes lol.

    Nice pics by the way....have mine growing in the bathroom,it's very small.I have a vent in the ceiling was one reason I picked it.

  7. Next time give her a dose of bloom neuts 1 week before you flip the timer.
    As for this grow start giving her them now. Maybe even diluted strength. Same as veg, feed every other watering.
    What neuts are you using?

    You will see tiny hairs within next 2 weeks. These are a good sign means female. They Come in in pairs. if you wanted any flower promoter they are usually to be added cpl weeks before and cpl weeks after switching. So now would be the time for that. Total preference tho. Not required.

    Clean up all lower growth. Doesn't amount to anything and energy that can be used elsewhere gets spent here. Get as much light on it as you can. Tuck in big fan leaves if necessary. Get grow rods by at least 7th week of flower to avoid stem sagging under bud weights. Sucks to break a branch ( u can try tape if you don't sever it completely)

    Best of luck bro
  8. Wow...thanks bro I a apreciate it.How far up of growth and you mean stems and everything?I'm using Dutch Nutrients A and B for veg and same with the Bloom ,I have no choice for other choices unless online.Its working great.Thanks again...no you wait and be patient,little hard for me to do sometimes lol.Its good practise.
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    No leave the stem. Find the top of the stem count down how many total nodes and remove the bottom 40-60% strip everthing by just rubbing them off with your fingers all the way down to the main stalk. this wil alone air in under it too. I'm harvesting the grow in my sig now and most of the little lower flowers are ending up in my trim box anyways as they are too small or not mature. In hindsight I regret not removing them all together could only make the prized top a little larger.

    Not really a fan of CFLs myself you'd get much better flouro performance from a t5 fixture
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    Ok Ill remember this,I didnt mean all the stems sorry.Mayne to big to rub off.Was wondering what is flower promoter?....sounds intresting.I live in a big house with other apartments...Thats why I'm using CFL's and trying to keep a low profile,my electricity is inclusive in my rent.
  11. Hemi, would you say rubbing them off is better than using sterile trimmers? I have 12 hours to learn all that I need to do to mine before I leave them for another 3 days haha kinda scared to give them any stress while I'm not there to monitor though
  12. i guess runbbing them off means pinching or something?
  13. Ok you can use sterile trimmers Very good idea. But consider geurilla growing (you don't have all the tools with you).
    The tiny growth of little leaves and flowers come off easily of the branches with your finger tips too. The method you choose to remove them
    Isn't that critical. Just remove em.

    Mainechronic is a member here on GC. In his sig shows a beautiful base of a plant. This is what your bottom should look like as well. If I wasnt at work I'd post an image myself.

    And about the stress them leaving them.... When you trim or stress her growth stops for a bit then continues. So. I wouldn't worry they will be ok. First couple of days alone they will be stalled. Then the growth will continue.

    YouTube is your friend there are lots of great vids on pruning and maintenance
  14. http://[​IMG]


    This is what I'm playing with now,kinda of gehtto....just trying to figure out how to put a 26w cfl (2700) on either side of the pot.I was thinking of an outlet strip which would have to be long and plant level.Since its a bathtube lol,mylar or something would be cool to put on the walls which could be taken off instantly when I need to shower.This has been topped and going on 2 days of flowering.No sex yet.....
  15. How's she (I hope) doing?
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    Hi.....ishe is still doing great,It's 6 days into flowering and going strong.I just give it 2 litres of water and hardly any run off,1 hole out of 4 had a little drain...not much though?I was getting paranoid last few days,thinking property manager would come across it lol.But in reality he's never here....

    Since I started flowering it's gone from 12" to 21" in 6 days.

    Funny too,I know I only topped this once but it seems to have 3 tops if I'm not mistaken?



  17. She's lookin real good, keep up the good work
  18. Thanks......I was surprised though it took all that water 2L,Ive been giving it about 1 and always the same amount in nutes 2.5ml/litre evry other watering.I guess it will be 5ml now for 2L?

    How about your self,how's things with your's?
  19. Yeah just keep the same ratio I guess.

    Mine are doing good, things are starting to get hairy hah; one of them is really out performing the rest though, too bad the others can't be more like her haha. Really can't wait until actual nuggets start becoming noticeable though

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