Switchable ballast-hps and metal halide

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HighandHappy210, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hello fellow smokers,

    I purchased a switchable ballast for my 400 watt lighting system. I used a metal halide bulb for vegging and am now ready to switch over to the flowering stage.

    My question is this: What do I have to change on my ballast settings in order to do this?

    The ballast has two settings, one for metal halide and one for high pressur sodium, so obviously I have to change this, but do I also have to switch the voltage? I currently have the output set at 120 volts. There is also a 240 volt outlet, so do I have to toggle the switch to this for high pressure sodium also?

    I'd appreciate any imput, thanks in advance.
  2. Leave the voltage alone. Voltage switch is in case your room is wired for 240.
  3. ^Yep. The voltage won't change based on the bulb, it will change based on where the unit is plugged in. Standard household wiring in the USA is 110/120v, so leave it there. Put a 400w HPS bulb in that puppy and switch the ballast to HPS, you're good to go.

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