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  1. Okay i keep trying to post a grow blog journal, but that shit's not working right.
    So here's what's up..
    Got a single plant now vegging (very slowly.. and i would have a second but my vacation plant watcher overwatered and killed it!). Using the Swiss Cheese strain from Nirvana. Have a 6 sq ft. grow shelf with 6 CFL's for light.
    I will be germing one or two more seeds even though the plant's schedule's will be overlapping.
    Going with an organic soil (which ill post the mixture later)
    The lights consist of 6 bulbs, four 30 watt's and two 42 watt's. Then for air quality i have a table top air purifier and a oscillating tower fan.
    I'll post the pictures of all of this soon enough.
    Would appreciate any tips or advice as the plants age. And If you keep up with it, i'll try not to disappoint!

  2. Alright so finally have an update and some pictures, first is a pic of just mainly the room itself.
    The second picture is my single lonely plant at somewhere around 25 days old. And yes she's much smaller than i would hoped but i will just veg for longer than usual (SHe'll become a bush by the time we're done.) I know i said in my last post i would germ a seed or two more but after looking at the fact that my first plant was already about 3 weeks into growth, i decided to just focus on a single plant. I got no room to have plants in different stages of growth otherwise i would.
  3. Any pics bud?
  4. I'm tryin' dude. Not sure if it's just the pictures I'm putting up or my computer is out of whack but I can't see any of my own uploaded pics.
  5. You should get that light as close as possible to the plant.  CFLs should be pretty cool so you should be able to get pretty close without any harm.  The plants will like that because then the light will be brighter.  CFLs just don't reach very far so it helps to get them as close as possible.  Otherwise they seem to be looking pretty good.
    I see you have more than one plant also.  If possible, it also won't hurt to add as many of those cfl lights as you can.  The more the better.  I would at least try to add some more if you can afford it.  It would help you yield more bud which would pay off in the long run.
  6. I was keepin the lights kind of futher away because i wanted her to stretch out. My plan was that once she's tall enough ill get my main light above the plant. Then ill have my 2 other sockets lowered around at plant height to get light all up in there. I did all the math of this once but i can have four 30 watt bulbs, two 42 watt bulbs, and my little LED panel, and i still have the 65 watt for whereever i want it.
    And yeah i started with 2 plants but i went on vacation and my plant watcher overwatered one. Poor seedling never had a chance...
  7. So my little plant has been growing quite nicely. She's at day 33 of vegging and a height of 5in. I just planted her into my final pot. I believe it's a 7 gallon but I couldn't figure it out with doing a bunch of math shit. And I've been planning on her vegging for longer than usual so she can get real big.

    Two of these pictures are in the smaller container and the last one should be the final pot.

    And I do have a real problem as far as heat or humidity goes.
    While I was at the beach today my closet was reaching temps up to 88*. I'm trying to figure out the best way to circulate air. Was thinking of going with two hoses with some muffin/pc fans at the ends.

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  8. So it's been long enough for an update.
    We are just passed the beginning of week 6 and she's looking fine.
    Height is about 10 in. She's grown about 3'' 1/2'' In. during the past week. I've decided i'll switch to flower right at 1 Ft.
    I'll have to post pictures this sunday(got a wedding and reheasal dinner next two days).
    As for that heat problem, i just have been running the A/C in my room continuously which has kept the temp. to 82* max.
    And to be able to run all 3 of my lights i'm going to be ordering a 4" inline booster fan to suck out all the heat during flowering.
    Thanks for sticking around:)
  9. So finally have some recent pictures for you all. As of sunday the 23rd, she is 11'' 1/2'' inches tall!
    I plan on ending vegging in the next 3-4 days. And yes i do say she (has gotten some promising preflowers).
    Pictures are from about 3 days ago but has gotten about an inch since the pictures were taken.

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  10. So i got some good news and some bad news.
    Bad News
    I went to check on my lady while she was in her second dark day between vegging and flowering and she's got a case of spider mites. :( I found a small patch of leaf with orange substance on it then found them crawling around.
    I already went and bought some organic bug killer that said specificlly kills mites.
    Second problem is that i'll be moving with 2 weeks prolly. So now i figure out how to get my setup + plant to the new location.
    Good News
    Beside the mites she is growing very fast, both Ht and in bush. Leaves look healthy. And she's definatly female so there's that.
  11. So i might be posting to myself but IDgaf lol.
    My lady has a real mite problem. I've been using my insecticide killer but dosen't seem to be stopping anything.
    And all the while she has more and more pistils slowly appearing. 
    I've been researching about them but any advice i would still appreciate hearing. I will also post pictures tommorrow.

    Thats what the pros use. Organic and you just spray in on.

    Spray bottom of leaves first then top.
  13. thanks dude, hopefully she's not too far gone by the time i get it.
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    hey man she looks good. i would use neem oil on the foliage and the soil for one week to get rid of the mites and their eggs. what soil you using? she looks very full of food, please dont feed for some time.
  15. Thanks! Damn i meant to post my soil info when i first made this but i forgot. 
    I'm using a organic mix i threw together,
    Equal parts Spaghnum peat moss, perlite, humus/manure, and compost
    And smaller approx. equal parts Kelp Meal, EWC, Vermiculite, Bat Guano, and Epsoma Plant Tone.
    She's gotten nothing but distilled water from day one.
    Later today i'll post some updated pics: big difference since those last pictures.
  16. very nice! so im guessing you havent dont any supplement feeding at all yet with all those amendments?
    i use 1:1 compost to peat, sometimes i throw in perlite and espoma biotone if i have it..i used to feed with fish emulsion now i use molasses and sea kelp..join my new journal!
    jamaica seeds blackout kush #2
  17. yeah i had a hard enough time wrapping my head around Organic ammendments and soil ratios for the first time here. Next time around i'm definatly gonna mess with teas and better feedings.
    And here she is about 2 days ago. About 15'' in pictures and growing more pistils everyday.
    That 3rd pic just has a filter on it i thought was cool.

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  18. Alot has happened recently. So i made the move to my new location and it has a small but decent grow space. Its about 5 ft tall and under a staircase so its not an even height. I've bought all the equipment to make a hinged door with a deadbolt as well. And the lighting i can use is even better than before. I used to run 2 Cfl's equalling out to 107 watts (they could reach up to 86* during the hot part of day). 
      Now i can run 5 Cfl's that equal 209 watts and the highest temp it's reached was 79* (and every part of the plant gets good light).
    As for the plant itself, i don't have my tape measure handy anymore but it would be safe to say she's around 2 ft by now. Pistils are growing like wildfire. And i recently trimmed so she might look thin in her midsection. Today is her 15th day of flowering (and almost week 10 since sprout) and these pics were taken very early this morning.
    As for the mites, i've been spraying with my insecticide killer and it seems to have worked or at least slowed them. There is not much new infection if any.
    And the room itself still needs some fine touches, i had literally less than 5 hours to set all this shit up.
    let me hear what you think :smoking:

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  19. She looks happy! Good work

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