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Swisher or Dutch? Blunt or Rello?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jammin420, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. So i just learned how to roll blunts, usually always stuck with joints.:smoking: But ive only really used wraps. What is better to roll with a dutch or a swisher? Also what is easier to roll with, a regular size cigar or a rello? thanks GC:wave:
  2. well....swishers...beucase dutches are harder to roll....and i dont see the benefit of the second leaf ....!
  3. Picked up a pack of grape swisher sweets 2nite :smoke:
  4. i dont like the second leaf either, it just fucks everything up haha, thats why 2morrow im gonna get a swisher blunt and a rello and roll up a fat blunt and a skinny blunt :cool:. too bad its gonna use up the rest or my weed tho, except for the afgan kush i got the other day:hello:
  5. grape swisher cigarello
  6. swisher if thats all there is, but the actual blunt wraps are way nicer and usually fresher and less likely to crack and run in my experience
  7. I like Phillies. Swishers seem a little too harsh.
  8. not sure why people are bashing the second leaf...if you've just learned how to roll the second leaf might just save your blunt...go with the dutch
  9. All of you are buggin fuck a swisher its all about dutches or games. If theres no second leaf then fuck that blunt. Feel me.
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  10. Werd.
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  11. i like to smoke my high grades out of the swisher cigarillo minis. lot less paper and more dank in my opinion.
  12. with the choices given i'd have to get a honey dutch blunt, but to be honest i am sick of the flavor and have since switched to garcia y vegas which are the shit! never stale.:smoke:
  13. smoke every cigarello till there aint none left
  14. If you can't see the benifit of a second leaf you dont deserve to be rolling blunts, learn how to roll by unwrapping the leaf then tell me which one you think is better...

    Its been said already but Dutches/Games all day...personal preferance are honey sports, does anyone collect the upcs off 4 boxes to get the free 50 box from dutches haha? im getting real close i think i need 6 more maybe
  15. Dutch's or GV's all the way. Swishers are fucking cardboard for gods sake how can you smoke them shits.
  16. I think what im gonna do it go to the store after lunch and get a swisher blunt and a swisher rillo, and a grape dutch rillo. Ill roll up the swisher blunt first and based on how that goes i decide whether im gonna use the other swisher rillo or the dutch for the next blunt:cool:

    Ill post pics up later if i remember to take em
  17. im not positive but isnt the inside leaf of a game/dutch teh same as the one in a swisher?
  18. dutch masters are the way to go.....theyre bigger and the second leaf if you take it off in one piece can be used to patch any holes you might make and uuuhhhhh yea i think thats the best use of the outer leaf
  19. :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    ok now Blunts are easy to roll compared to rillos (more to work with) and I prefer to keep the smoking end on whenever I roll (if you roll that side first it wont spill any buds) now I prefer tube blunts because they are always fresher which means less tearing though they may be more expensive they are worth it in the long run because you dont waste money on ripped bleezys. DutchMasters are extremely difficult to roll but honestly they smoke alot longer.... we usually split a dutchy with about 6 heads on it and it goes around about 8 times..... Simple math 6 heads x 2 hits per head = 12 hits x 8 rotations = 96 hits off one dutchy bleezys only last half the amount of time about 4 rotations = 48 hits..... You get the picture?

    Stay High!
  20. feel ya

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