swimming, while high

Discussion in 'General' started by tdot, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. so the building i live in just had the pool renovated, and i was thinking of going swimming there today...is going swimming after smoking a few bowls risky?
  2. haha nah its actually quite fun...now swimming in harsh waves in the ocean high will scare the shit out of me and i had to wipe my bum in the water before i got out....i mean its not a good idea :)
  3. ehh, its fun but water always seems to kill my high. Weither its swimming or taking a shower.
  4. thanks for the advice :rolleyes:
  5. i liked it.....i couldnt imagine what it would be like on E though
  6. haha nahh its quite cool exactly, shorter air under water but its fun i hav a pool outside that ill stand in the shallow end and smoke a bowl and relax in the warm pool water
  7. i enjoyed it in the summer :)

  8. I can think of a hell of alot more risky situations to get into while your high....swimming would be a safe choice.
  9. I've gone bridge jumping while high before and it was pretty fuckin scary. Its about a 60 foot jump, its quite a rush while your not high and being high just makes it so much better. I think its safe to swim while your high, it's deff. pretty fun.
  10. Yea swimming is amazing while high, just slowly mova around with an empty head, and watch out for the deep end if your unsure of yourselF!!
  11. back in high school, i was in this program where you get extra help and shit and you just go to classes with the same group all day and shit, just for one year, for us slackers, in PE i used to smoke bowls in the shower before swimming, few people wanted to smoke with me... by few i mean only one once, i guess it was too risky for everybody else

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