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Swimming after smokin

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by youngg, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. I Smoked 3 Swisher Sweets of some mids:smoking: den i hit up Lifetime fitness got in the pool an felt like i was dying is it just me or does this happen regularly ?:confused::confused::confused:

  2. only went swimming once wile high and it felt amazing, maybe you smoked too much??? I dono mang
  3. i have a pool in my backyard actually, so often go swimming after smoking and although cool, feel it really just kills the high :/
  4. Dude swimming while your stoned is fuckkin awesome :smoking:

  5. i might of white lied a bit, never actually gone swimming while stoned, always like 2 hours later after smoking and then just see it kill the rest of my high, i should try it once, thing is, most the time im not in the mood to go swimming when high :p
  6. I have done it a million times (have a pool). Not my thing, it kills my high after like 20mins of getting in. One time I was "floating" on the water (not really, I was kinda like sinking but in the same position as if I was floating) and just spaced out under water and hit the back of my head mad hard with the bottom of the pool. Shit sucked, but it was funny.
  7. we just opened our pool and i tried swimming in it high for the first time today. gotta agree with everyone else about it killing the high. i vaped 2 bowls before hand and felt pretty much normal after 30 minutes or so of swimming.
  8. i post up at my hot tub (live in an apartment) and blaze.
    Its great ;)
  9. If your swimming laps it sucks but if your just swimming with friends the feeling is crazy.

    I remember my first time swimming baked, felt like i was part of the water
  10. One time my friend got really high and went swimming and it was hilarious cuz he couldnt do it
  11. just sit and float, haha. i wouldn't do laps or anything. i think that would kill your high, that's like wasting weed. i usually blaze after i swim.
  12. first and last time i went swimming stoned i thought i was gonna drown.
  13. oh god. i just did this the other week, and it was bAd. i got in feeling all cool and stuff and then i went to the deeper end and i like couldnt float. i guess i was stoned cause i almost died and didnt have too much fun. but i dnt think it killed my high. but yea. im not doin that aain.
  14. Smoke some sativa, go for a run in the rain then swim in the rain. Second best feeling ever
  15. Yea, you most likely smoked too much and the fact you wer ein water made you feel as though you weren't in control the person above suggested, try a sativa (as opposed to an indica) and just take a few tokes.
  16. me and my buds ALWAYS swim after bunnin in the summer. i have a pool and a lake. swimming is so much more enjoyable after a nice sesh.
    its also really good if you need to sober up for something, jumping in the water always does the trick!
  17. My gym has both a sauna and a steam room. The feeling of going back and forth between the two when you're high is ridiculous. But most of the time I prefer to just chill in the steam room. Not only is it cool as fuck to be in a room full of steam, but you feel soooo damn good in there.
  18. i did this just last weekend, it was awesome, althought once when i came up from the water i had my eyes closed and i couldn't breath because my hair was covering my mouth and i was already under water for a while, but i had my eyes closed when i came up so there was some kick-ass visuals going on

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