Sweetass new bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Zidave, May 31, 2006.

  1. So some of you may remember my homemade bong made from a water bottle and pen tube. Well it finally died on me last night...me and my buddy were burning and the end of the pentube was too close to the plastic and melted a hole in the bottom of the bottle. So into the garbage it went....then later on that night I was walking into the house and saw a sweet blue Bud Light metal bottle. I said "hell yea...that's my new bong." I immediatly grabbed the dremel and ran into the garage and drilled a carb into the bottle. It was late and also a Sunday so the headshop was closed. So today on my way home from work I dropped by and bought a sweet bowl. Once I got one I slowly began drilling into the bottle again....but at an angle so the bowl would sit smoothly. Anyways...here's the final product. ENJOY!

  2. Nice.. Haha dude I love the new budlight bottles their badass!
  3. mmmmm a whole bong made from aluminum haha

    still looks pretty cool, i love those bottles, but i do not think i would personally smoke out of it

    always nice to see homades tho

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