sweet summer time memories thread!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. mine was playing water polo with the opposite gender's team in pool one summer in high school when I turned 17.

    Schaaaaaaaaawing!!! Booooiiiinggggg!

    What about you!
  2. How about last weekend, pool party, Went from pool to sauna to pool to deck with the hookah and bowl, chattin with the chill neighbors who're barbequeing.
  3. When i was up for 6 days straight fucked outta my face on E, Coke and shrooms.
  4. my last summer memories are bein homeless, stealin cars at night n pullin em right back into the driveway when i was done usin em, and massive dxm intake, twas a fun summer though, had some pussy for the whole summer, haha bitches love when you can last for hours wit the robodick hahaha shits damn hard to cum on though, but very much worth it

  5. Lol, im gonna make an animation like that: ROBODICK TO THE RESCUE!!!
  6. your mom.

  7. Ohsnapdoozled!
  8. mine was last summer goin to the beach everyday high as hell and hangin out there 24/7
  9. ah teenaged bodies....cant get that legally for many years out of your life

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