Sweet spoon I got last night at my LHS...

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    Got super blazed and went to some shops with my GF last night. Just got my refund from school, so figured I could spend a little bit on myself. Dropped $25 on this sweet piece. IDK why, but the colors just grabbed my attention the second I saw them. Super sweet looking, smokes really well. Here's a pic:


    Also, my GF and I are trying to think of a good name for it. We recently chilled with some old friends who named their new piece "Grimlock" (kinda LOTR/middle-earth ish) and I absolutely loved it. You guys got any names like that for it? We tried to think of some but we both suck ballz at it lol. We're gonna make a smoke room with a kind of old school/realmish feel, so we want to name it something that will correspond.

    Sorry if I dont make any sense lol, :smoking:
  2. That's a reallllly nice bowl, and for 25 bucks? what a steal :hello:. It's your piece, so why not keep it as Grimlock?
  3. Get really, really, REALLY baked, and you will discover the perfect name for it.
    The colors are great, wonderful pickup man.
  4. Name it Dusseldorf
  5. That's actually a really good idea. Will consider it!

    Are there websites with lists of LOTR-style names (as gay/dumb as that sounds)? If so it'd make this much easier...
  6. You could name it Grendel
    Like Grendel in the Beowulf poem/movie

    Grimlock and Grendal sound good together
  7. I say Ganondorf from zelda. haha. Kinda middle earth sounding
  8. Did you come up with a name
  9. That's really similar to a pipe I saw at Smoke Dreamz a while back.

    Good buy.
  10. Name it Gordon. From power rangers!
  11. Nice spoon. 25 bucks too!
  12. Call it Gorgoroth, which is in fact a LOTR reference lol
  13. Name it Sting! As in Frodo's sword.
  14. call it Drizzit

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