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  1. Well I'm Startin off kinda late wit this thread. Fuck it I don't care though just wanna show everyone how this time around goin. All the seeds are by sweet seeds. Love em so far by the way. I'll have more pics of all the plants soon.

    green poison fast version. Bout 4 foot and growing quick at this point. Topped once.

    Here's a killer kush fast version that I topped twice. This ones 4 foot tall but has 4 tops and a lot of side growth.
    Here's an auto dark devil. I wanted to run more of these and next year I will make sure I do. Love the way it looks and they stay decently short.
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  2. So today two of em had been bent over by the wind so I put some stakes on the sides of the stalks. They are all OK seems to not have affected them at all. Very few days left of veg and these things aren't getting any less top heavy so I figured I'd prepare in advance. Luckily most of em weren't even touched besides the 2. 20170724_135134.jpg

    The auto dark devil is starting to swell up. It's look nice

    This little SAD(sweet and delicious) plant is shooting up

    This is one of the green poisons that was knocked over but after I staked em I check and there was no damage. The other guys next to em that was knocked over to.
  3. The 2 that were fucked up are back to normal now and have new growth.

    Green poison

    Killer kush
    Green poison

    Auto dark devil
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  4. Update. Their all doing great. Sprayed thuricide on all of em cause since the slug trap was full my issue at this point is caterpillars tryna eat my leaves up. Next time they do that they're gonna regret it.

    Green poison

    This one got got chewed up las night
    Same wit this one



    Here's the dark devil auto
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  5. Looking great!
  6. Subbed. Also starting an auto guerilla grow very soon :)
  7. It's only one auto but im running a shit ton next year. I have to after seeing this. I'm gonna probably do them in a greenhouse though.
  8. Well everything is going great. They plants are getting tall quickly. But for anyone who wants to grow auto flowers. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BREEDERS TIME IT SAYS IT WILL BE DONE. JUST LIKE REGULAR SEEDS IT WILL BE LONGER. jus sayin. The buds are finally getting bigger on the auto. Check it out

    20170731_132335.jpg 20170731_132339.jpg 20170731_132416.jpg 20170731_132423.jpg 20170731_132636.jpg 20170731_132508.jpg 20170731_132454.jpg

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  9. The progression the last week is astounding. Big plants pushing 6 feet now and they don't look like they're slowing down. Love the stretch during flower. Some hairs starting to show up to. And the auto flowers about to be done. 20170803_113147.jpg 20170803_113225.jpg 20170803_113217.jpg 20170803_112906.jpg

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  10. Well. It's gettin to be about that time. Where all the action starts wit the plants.. Auto flowers close to being done but new buds are still forming so I'm giving it some time. The regular plants are jus doin their thing. Pistils are showing on all the big ones. Check it out.

    20170803_113336.jpg 20170804_113439.jpg 20170804_113530.jpg 20170804_113642.jpg 20170804_113539.jpg 20170804_113745.jpg 20170804_113759.jpg 20170804_113803.jpg 20170804_113837.jpg 20170804_114001.jpg
  11. Well after this grow so far I'm come to one conclusion. Sweet seeds fast versions are fuckin great. I read a lot of positive stuff about em and so far I 100% agree. The green poison is building buds extremely quick and that's exactly what I was looking for. The others are as well. Two are behind from stress from pests but they are catching up in height real quick. Theyre definatly behind by two weeks but they seem to be doing great now. The auto flowers is still growing more buds so not sure what the hell is goin it wit it. They got a mind of their own sometimes. 20170814_124531.jpg 20170814_124539.jpg 20170814_124717.jpg 20170814_124728.jpg 20170814_125305.jpg 20170814_130307.jpg 20170814_130342.jpg 20170814_130336.jpg 20170814_130356.jpg 20170814_130401.jpg 20170814_130404.jpg 20170814_130422.jpg Check it:
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  12. Damn these look good.

    20170821_111549.jpg 20170821_111551.jpg 20170821_111558.jpg 20170821_111602.jpg 20170821_111606.jpg 20170821_111609.jpg
  13. Well its a wrap! I'll post final weight soon. Got a lot of trimming to do.
    20170918_134535.jpg 20170918_134247.jpg 20170918_134530.jpg
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  14. I might be the one person interested in seeing the final images
  15. nope, id like to see the pics and more importantly....all the other info...such as weights...exact finish dates...smoke reports (potency) Latitude grown at
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