Sweet Mango Autoflowering

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    Just finished harvesting this beauty about a hour ago she took about 2.5 months from seed altogether using only the canna aqua range nutrients and r/o di water image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  2. Finally finished the drying and weight came out to 3 oz 's not to shabby for a t5 grow on a autoflowering I tried something new and took her all the way from veg to flowering with 24/hr light no dark period until the last week of flush

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  3. That looks great! Good work :)
  4. Look that sticky dank bud. Tasty. All that work finally pays off. Good job.
  5. Soil or hydro and what type of t5s? Looks great

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  6. This was a hydro grow in a 5 gallon dwc bucket . The t5's i used were the sunblaze 2ft 8 bulb lamp veg I used 8 6500k blue spectrum bulbs and flowering i used 6 red 3000k spectrum 2 blue 6500k spectrum bulbs
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    looks like some diggity dank :smoking:
    and 3oz for an auto is good my friend.

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