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Sweet island skunk?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burt_gummer, May 27, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    To anybody who would know: is this sweet island skunk?
  2. NO ONE CAN TELL FROM A PIC WHAT IT IS!!!!!! if only my smell connection was working and my e-pipe so i could smoke an e-bowl of it and see if it tastes like the SIS i got at the dispensary hahahahhha but yea, not gonna happen
  3. Haha yeah true that. But i've met my fair share of people who claim to know a lot of strains simply by looking at the nug. And my friend is saying I got ripped off because it isn't sweet island supposedly. I sent him a picture through email cause he wanted to see what we'll be smoking this weekend. We each just took a 2-month t-break and it'll be our first time. I don't really care if it's not sweet island, I paid 90 for a quarter, and I think it was a completely reasonable price.
  4. well im sorry but your friend lied.... ive seen so many different looking nugs of the same strain from different plants at the dispensary.... Especially with that strain, cause it doesnt smell much like the skunk it has in it, its so so sweet smelling....its the smell that tends to stay consistent between plants of the same strain, but it all depends on the grower. You can make a lotta funky shit happen to your plants hahahha
  5. Alright good to know man. It smells pretty damn strong, kinda a sharp smell compared to other weed I've had, but it smells fucking wonderful. Haven't smoked it yet, so have yet to judge taste.
  6. hahaha by technicality there isnt even skunk in that shit, its NL x haze x sweet grapefruit from what i have heard, but i wont say thats 100% for sure hahaha
  7. I have no fucking idea man haha. I wish I knew that much about strains... that shit has always interested me too.
  8. hahaha where i live, once your in the culture, its a quick learning curve... Lots of different strains, mosty all dank, besides the schwag thats everywhere of course, but its optional hahahahahaha. Im just interested in it as well.... i tend to know more than the bud tenders i buy weed from at the dispensary man..... mostly cause they are just potheads that wanna work around much rather smoke it all day, than weigh it out for other people all day hahahhahaha
  9. Yeah true that man. My culture is fucking hickville, so we don't have any people with knowledge of weed except people who've moved here from the cities. Otherwise everyone just buys schwag and thinks they've been as high as a kite before (if you've never smoked danks, you havn't experienced how high high is) anyways I digress. Basically dank nug is rare among the general population where I live, kinda sucks but I still usually end up getting my hands on decent shit.
  10. Lol I wouldn't worry too much, because that shit looks DANKKKK!

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