Sweet deal, new, used ipod!

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. So i'm sitting in accounting class, looking on the internet at Best Buy, seeing what mp3 players are cheap enough that I can afford. A trusted friend was behind me watching me browse and hes like, "man I have an ipod shuffle you can buy for $60". So I told him to bring it to school after lunch so I could take a look at it. Its in mint condition, only been used a few times, with the $169.99 price tag still on it. Most everything was still in the wrapper and no scratches at all. I just finished putting my playlist on it and it seems to work awesome.

    For $60 I doubt I could have gotten anything better. Oh by the way, its the 1gb version.

  2. Nice, hm..correct me if im wrong, but dont the iPod shuffles NOT have a display?..i need a display with a light..

    But 60$ either way is a great deal.
  3. Nope, no display, but I just put it in my pocket and forget about it. Dont need to bother with what song I want to listen too if I like them all.

  4. True that. If you like the shit you got on it, you'll tend to memorize the order if you put it in non-shuffle mode, aswell.
  5. Before I bought a 512mb mp3 player I was like, 60 songs, meh, ill just change em around a lot. But I realised you quickly get bored of listening to the same/changing your songs.
  6. yea thats a nice deal, i wish i still had my nano; some stole it :(
  7. Dude, you can buy a brand new IPOD shuffle for $8.72 more.

    shuffles suck, you can't pick what song you want to listen to.

    You can find a 512mb MP3 player for around 60-80 brand new.

    Just pick up the next Sunday's paper and look at the best buy, circuit city, etc.

  8. i just bought an ipod video with my grad money... the thing is awsome. i love it
  9. His is 1gig and mint condition, bro.
  10. 512-60 songs? wow..i have a 512 with like 115 on it..

  11. Nice av, now that I think, it might've been a 128mb. :cool:
  12. i got a 60 gig vid for 200$ i think it was stolen though it had someone eles songs and there pictures on it =X
  13. It's mint condition.

    Only 60 songs on 512? I have 135 songs on the shuffle now and its only 522mb worth.

  14. a shuffle for 60 isnt really a good deal, people are always robbing ipods around here so you can get them pretty cheap. My friend bought a 20 gig color screen ( not video) for 60 and a video for 80 bucks worth of weed. lol im about to buy a stolen ibook for 150.
  15. Stealing for no reason is cool!


  16. Sorry bro, must've missed that part

    60 i guess is pretty good then. downside is still gonna be the fact you can play a certain song.

    still a steal of a deal
  17. Fo sho, I hope you don't think I was mad at you, bro. I tell it how I see it.
  18. $60 is a good deal, i would jump on that if i were you. i got my 1g for free but minw was a nano. my sister ordered one and she said it never came so i called up apple to see what was going on and they said they were going to investigate. Well my sister found hers but they still sent her another one which i got. Saved me the $$$
  19. I know the video kicks ass. i got the 30g that holds like 15,000 songs or something its awsome. but good deal on ur shuffle.
  20. i got a 60 gig video it is tight but its really picky about the vids you put on it. sum just dont work on it even if they are encoded right its a bitch but other than that its cool.

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