Sweet bong

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Mindprobe, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Here is a pic of a bong that my friend has its so sweet

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  2. im just going to sit here and laugh....
  3. lol, wow that's sad..
  4. haha thats pretty funny stuff. Even though its not your "friends" bong its a awesome bong none the less.
  5. Eh I think it's too detailed, with the rings and stuff. I like to keep it plain and simple. Maybe it's just me
  6. yeah, i prefer the most simple of bongs, such as RooR's. To me, those just look like the best damn bong i have ever seen(disigne, not the quality of the hit)

    if i had a bong like that, i would be to scared i was gonna break the thing
  7. haha busted... :D...
  8. sucks to be that guy
  9. Man thats gay
  10. one of my friends has that bong, no not that exact bong but the design is exactly the same with the triple donut, its good for holding ice at the top. I think his bubble at the bottom might be a tad bigger i cant really tell but it hits like a dream, the bottom bubble fills up with so much more smoke than u think and it just destroys you.

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