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  1. My my long time dealer has always gradually started hooking me up more the more often I buy off of him.. Today I paid 20 bucks for a fucking ounce and a quarter.. it's like, WTF this kicks ass.. best deal of my life TBH
  2. wow, thats a lotta bud for the price

    middies? better? no matter what its a shit load of weed for the price

  3. mids, but definantly not that bad. I was expecting it to be much worse.. my initial plan was to sell it because i figured it would be terrible pot.. but its decent, i'll keep it to myself.
  4. Fuck that, Sell it.

    Dime it up. 1.5 dimes.

    Sell 18 of them.

    Leaves with you over a quater to smoke on your own.

    Then you make $180, $160 dollars profit. Turn that around and buy more.

    (Sorry GC if this is against the rules here, I dont know if it is or not, If it is feel free to delete it or tell me to and i will immediatley.)
  5. That's a good idea, that's what I would do anyways.

    But yeah, nice on the bud for 20 can't wait until I get my day.:devious:
  6. damn man thats a fuckin bad ass deal. i would definetly sell an ounce and keep a quarter then u can get more bud or watever else u can get with the cashflow. enjoy man
  7. KSR speaks the truth man. with a hookup that good you can't afford not to sell it.
  8. Yeah but I would just go buy more pot with the money I made.. I might as well just smoke it and save up my money.. This sack should last me a few days.

    TBH it isn't all that great, but it gets you high after a few bowls

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