Sweating like a peado in a virgin

Discussion in 'General' started by ACCOUNT DEACTIVATED, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Maybe it's because my blood is so concentraded with THC but it seems now everytime i workout and sweat my sweat smells of blood, people around me say i stink of weed and i think so too, IT'S AWESOME!

  2. Lol your title made me fucking crack up

  3. Society made homeless people crack up :p peace
  4. what is a peado?
  5. I think he ment pedo ^

    I've been sweating all day due to this t break I'm on... Damn I hate sweaty palms and the anxiousness that comes with it....
  6. Don't flatter yourself, I'm positive you don't smell like weed when you sweat.
  7. When I sweat it smells like ass. :(
  8. hahahah wow
  9. I smell like weed when I sweat...
  10. maybe you just stink like shit?
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    If you don't like the way your sweat smells, try drinking a couple of cups of fenugreek tea for about 3 days.

    It tastes like an unsweet maple syrup- add a tad of stevia or honey and it is quite good. The maple-like scent gets into your sweat. Fenugreek has some nice medical effects- opens up the lungs if you have a cough, eases arthritis, etc.

  12. After a long night out of blazing a lot, especially joints I notice that when I go to the gym and start sweating for the first ten minutes of sweat I wreak of bud then it turns to ass, idk I kinda enjoy it.

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