SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid

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    The family has a high priced lawyer on their side asking questions!!! YAY!! See the video on this link, top right corner
    Attorney demands answers in fatal SWAT shooting case

    Raw video: wife of suspect killed in SWAT raid speaks out

    Pima SWAT likely had highly trained medics at fatal shooting

    Viewers' Voice: Sheriff chides media, KGUN9 News responds

    It's time we tell the police they are wrong and they must now answer to the American people. Being a vet of the armed forces myself, this story infuriates me!!!!

    Get mad people!!!!!

    SWAT team fired 71 shots in raid

    SWAT raid fatal drama is revealed in 911 call

    Watch the video on this site and get to see Lt. Michael O'Connor lie his fucking ass off about what happened. Then go back to the previous article, where the 911 tapes tell the TRUTH ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED

    Welcome to the Pima County Sheriff's Department
    Make a Complaint


    File a complaint to the AZ ACLU

    District Of Arizona's Attorneys office
    Civilian Complaints

    You can also leave a comment on this news stories site, if you were so inclined
    Raw video: Sheriff's Office interview on fatal SWAT raid - KGUN9 On Your Side, Tucson News, Weather & Sports

  2. God damn, that's just sad. Everyday its more of this shit with someone getting hurt in a raid when someone gets trigger happy. This country has no idea how important gun control is, its just hurting too many people.
  3. That is just one sad story..So they believed he had drugs in the house and they lit him up with 71 bullets, just because? Wow, its even worse that he was a Marine. The War on Drugs just needs to end--bc shit like this doesn't have any logical reasoning behind it. You take a Marines life away from his young family bc of narcotics? HAHA the system we live in is just pathetic and it makes me sick to my stomach
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVV9jEoquzE&feature=related]YouTube - Zeitgeist - fragment "I want you get mad"[/ame]
  5. Arizona is like the wild west...you do not want to be on the radar of police by any means! Many reports of shoot first and ask questions later by uniformed "public service" officials...sad but he probably wouldn't have been shot if he laid down and just let them arrest
  6. Gun control? The poor, murdered vet who owned the AR-15 wasn't the one who had the problem.

    Although this is terrible, I'm not surprised. "Anti Drug Tasks Forces" have a notorious record of shooting now and asking questions later. I'm at a loss for how these people sleep at night.
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    The best part is they didn't even find a piece of paraphenalia at the residence let alone any illegal drugs. My heart goes out to the family and hopefully someone gets held accountable for the actions taken.

    Edit: almost forgot this part... 71 shots fired at one target? Thats absurd. I came into this thread thinking it was a drug house with about fifty guard dogs.

  8. Gun control, more like gun education. Society created these problems by creating a drug war, all those 100 years ago. Then it just got worse over time. Gun control does'nt do anything but keep good people from owning guns.

    Sadly we created the trigger happy culture by hiding gun safety and education from our youths.
    No guns for negroes describes why gun control is a form of control.
    YouTube - No Guns for Negroes Part One
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    seems to me that he thought it was a home invasion. if the police never truly identified themselves and what they were there to do i probably would not have stood down either.

    Its fucking sad and it aint right but shit happens, the man they shot was a combat veteran HIGHLY trained on the ar/m4 platform. there is no doubt in my mind he could have taken 3-4 of them with him if he were a violent person.

    70+ shots, thats a lot of rounds for one man. I was not there and dont know much about this but, if they had yelled POLICE, DROP YOUR WEAPON, STAND DOWN, it could have been different.

    edit: gun control is fucking bullshit, it only keeps guns from legal owners, gun control has worked for many horrible dictators, marijuana is a crime to 80% of GC users yet they still get their hands on it, if you think gun control is going to keep the gun from the criminal your in a fantasy land
  10. You know who follows orders better than anyone And respects the uniform? Marines. They also know how to control themselves with a weapon. You're right, if this marine was trained for combat, he could have put bullets in anyone who was in the doorway.

    And how many fucking people were in the doorway for 71 fucking bullets to be fired? Were all 71 bullets in the poor marine or all over the house as well?

    This entire SWAT team needs their badges and weapons revoked NOW and a full investigation better be underway while they are suspended WITHOUT pay.

    They killed a family man who worked the night shift and was home in bed with his wife and young child.

  11. Yes, 71 bullets is way to many, it only takes one bullet and a split second to drop a man, they showed very excessive use with their firearms, i dont know what their duty weapon was but im almost sure someone would have had to reload and continue to fire with the led count being that high, seems from what i read they just shot the place up, anyone of those bullets could have struck a by stander, his wife or his children. they may have panic`d when they saw what he was holding but still, it could have been resolved differently, it almost seems swat officers outside the home must have opened up.

    suspended with out pay 100%, very detailed investigation and witness statements should be filed.

    Its sad because that average working man supporting his family can be me or you man. i think this was a clear case of shoot first and ask questions later, but the media and anti gunners will spin this so it sounds as if he did not own the evil black rifle this would not have happened. I hope any officer that shows up at my place knows protocol because i will be in the exact same boat as he was protecting my family, and in his eyes thats what he was doing imho.
  12. I have an Update everyone, check it out. Anyone a lawyer, or know someone who is? This is a no brainer, right? From the sounds of it the SWAT and sherifffs are just fine with things as they are. They'll not release any info and prolly hope this just goes away.

  13. you cant cover up 71 rounds into a mans house, although im sure theyll come damn close to doing it, and thats what makes me feel sick
  14. Im not a criminal lawyer, I work in employment/some corp. law. But I'm sure that this is not an open and shut case. The family of the man probably has a criminal lawyer and he will get access to all evidence the police have. I would let the family have time to gather themselves first and I can bet they will come out swinging if things are as fucked up as they seem...itll come out
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    I wish life were that easy but the police department already has already lied on camera.

    Read this, SWAT raid fatal drama is revealed in 911 call

    Then watch a Lt. lie on camera on this site, Raw video: Sheriff's Office interview on fatal SWAT raid - KGUN9 On Your Side, Tucson News, Weather & Sports

    This case isn't new. People get walked over, and killed, by SWAT and police all the time. http://forum.grasscity.com/pandoras-box/802234-las-vegas-swat-vs-unarmed-black-man.html



    Police use Assault Weapons and Tank against Home School Mom wanting to protect daughter from Dangerous Medications

    SWAT Team conducts food raid in rural Ohio
    Mass. mall 'gunman' was just carrying umbrella
    Swat team removes man from home after bar fight
    'I'm worried they went Hollywood': Investigation after girl, 7, was shot dead during bungled police raid as camera crew filmed SWAT team
    SWAT officers invade home,
    take 11-year-old at gunpoint
    Cops demand boy go to doctor
    because of fall during horseplay

    Florida Kid Shot by SWAT Team, and Died.

    SWAT Team Honored For Raid On Wrong House

    Minneapolis SWAT Team Raids Wrong House
    Mayor wants federal probe after SWAT raids house, kills dogs

    I should have been a lawyer.
  16. Sad. This Marine was defending his house and was most likely not ever going to shoot. If he was, the Safety would have been "off".

    Stupid fucking DEA and their drug war.
  17. God Damn, This story tears at my heart being a former Marine myself. Semper Fi Devil Dog!!! Rip Brother sorry that those you willing laid your life on the line to defend were the same cowards that brought you to your end. Everyone in there right mind knows that he would have put some rounds down range if that was his intention, this is deffinently a case where he believed his home was being invaded. I hope they bring these coward swat members to justice and make them pay.
  18. This is sickening.
  19. My grandmother and grandfather do not trust cops becuase of what they did to my family in the 70's. Long story short the police department could have just apologized for nearly killing my grandfather, but they sued us instead and followed my family around. They're all the same, human. That's the problem, we glorify cops as protectors when in reality they're operating on the same corrupt moral dilemas as us. They just aren't used to being persucuted for being "bad people".

    For an example of justifying horrific actions:

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