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  1. My tactic was more as a learn as you go kinda things...Well it was my first time growing and I dicided a swamp near my house would be a great place to grow. I checked out a couple areas and found one. I got to it and dug up the land. The next day I planted my seeds which I already rooted. A week later I checked on them and I don't know how I didn't releise this the first couple times I was back there. But I could easily see a house and it could easily see my spot. But I still stayed checking on my babies...and just my luck the people living there come out and I was stuck hiding behind a bush for a couple hours After that close call I knew I had to move. at the time there was no leaves on the trees so everything was easy to see. But I knew that the swamp got filled with bout 5 ft tall reads/grass. So I got to moving the plants about 150 yards deeper in the swamp. I had to dig up a whole knew spot. (None of them seemed to be in any stress at all after the move) there were 9. Five inch plants at the time. I set up a garbage bag over them to stop the rain from hurting them since the soil is already quite wet. then for about the next 3 weeks there was oonly about 2 or three days it didn't rain.. I lost 2 of my little guys ..a sad day butnot terible. Since it rained so much it brought the water table up so much my plants were sitting in basicly water with some soil....so now im like fuck again..so I got 7 5 gal pots and cut the bottom out. Sqished them a few inches into the soil and filled them with dirt.then put the plants in them...then I stabed holes in the side of the pots to be used as weep holes in case of alot of rain..at this time they are doin great growing at about 6 inches a week. Then one day I was walking back to the spot and I saw a load of bear shit.....didn't think much of it but when I got the plants 2 of them were knocked over from it....they were ok but still. Then there was a month of great growing period. Temps always above 85 hardly cloudy and no rain...they got up to about 5. And a half feet. And then there was a colossal thunder storm. Which brought down marble sized hail.... I just didn't want to go to the plants..didn't want to see the massacre ... but when I did it wasn't as bad as I thought....my biggest plant was knocked over cuz the stake snapped. But the plant was fine. Stood that bitch back up and she kept on growing. Also the leaves werehardly damaged to my amazement. its mid july know and 4 of the 7 plants are aabout 6 ft now....just starting to show reproductive signs....from what I can tell they are mostly female....waiting a little more to make suree.

    Only thing I would go back and change would be to space the plants out alittle more. I didn't exscept my first grow to be huge lol
  2. pics or it didnt happen haha, sounds epic tho
  3. Swaaaaaaaaaamp

  4. it's august 10th youngblood
  5. I would post pictures but i wont let me..and it says july cuz i wrote it then.....and with amazing luck 7 out pf 7 are fem
  6. Drain the swamp
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    The last bold I did made me LOL so hard. and dude it's not july it's august...

    Yesterday, 11:59 PM #1

    n the fuck u mean u wrote it in july

    and is 7 out of 7 female even possible with bagseed cause idk if you got these online or something

  8. Why not? I had a success rate of 17:18 with bagseed.

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