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Swamp weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scotty2745, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. this guy says he say swamp weed to sell? anyone ever hear of it?
  2. Sounds made up, especially since it doesn't grow well in swamps.
  3. nope, like OSG said probally made up. you think your connect could've come up with a better name lol
  4. idk , its doesnt sound to good. inspect it before you purchase.
  5. Yeah,sounds like some low grade down town brown
  6. ha yeah sounds nasty. he probably called it that since it his batch was all soggy and not dried and/or not cured properly. Just like some green my friend had last night. it was the worst bud i have had in my life.
  7. Your guy is just trying to sound cool. He probably knows nothing about strains. I bet he also calls MJ grown in soil Hydro :rolleyes:

    Still however, it could be some good stuff that he didnt know the name to and made up something. Id start looking for a new guy myself
  8. Sounds like some regular old weed and on the wet side. I wouldn't be looking forward to pick-up some "swamp weed":(

  9. werd. swamp weed sounds like homie just bagged up some spinach.
  10. Swamp weed is a term just like ditch weed. It's low grade bud.
  11. Yes, "swamp weed" is just a term usually used during sale, for low grade bud/schwagg with what some people might call a 'swampy' appearance.

    It is not usually used to refer to weed grown in or near a swamp, which is possible and effective when done right and can produce quality bud, it's an especially good method for someone who can't spend as much time trekking out to feed or otherwise maintain their plant.

    If he has something better, I'd opt for that, if the guy openly calls it 'swamp weed' it probably can't be great. But then again, who knows. Good luck!
  12. Where I am, swamp weed means from an outdoor guerilla grow (as opposed to an indoor or a greenhouse grow). Then again, I live near swamps.

    Quality is as any other, good, bad, and indifferent.

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