Swamp Boys

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  1. I can’t find Velvet Glove seeds. Swamp Boys are always sold out.
    Any ideas? I’ve been searching for quite a while.

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  2. lol why is that is Cactus Ed looking for some too ..mac..
  3. He thinks I just love the wax he’s got in the freezer :)
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  4. think i'd lve the wax in his freezer too :)..mac,
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  5. I know right? I love it. Having trouble finding anything good at the dispensaries lately. I’m jonesing for it.
    I’m thinking of getting some purple wookie seeds as well as washing machine. I need chill weed. Can’t find anything that touches pain.
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    know what ya mean about weed not touching pain ,,,ive got arthritis and spondilosis of the spine i use weed to help me relax muscles etc which lets me relax it helps a bit with some pain but not a lot at least i can relax enough to get some sleep and forget the pain for a few hours...i was on oxys for 11 years and they didnt help really either ,plus i feel a lot better now i am off the oxys ..mac.
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  7. this site has some swamp boys seeds
    Swamp Boys Seeds

    I got hells bells and alpha !

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