swaering during sex

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  1. My gf likes me to call her names during sex.. "call me a whore" "call me a slut"

    "tell me how you wanna destroy my ass" " tell me to piss in a cup"

    at first i was so in to this now it just makes me laugh... any of you guys or girls get this?

    now she doesnt enjoy sex unless i call her filthy names, i really like her and dont like doing it.. help!
  2. I reccomend using such vulgar language it turns her off :)
  3. I don't wanna turn her off.. but it turns me off off
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    wow lol theres not alot an internet forum can respond to your predicament but make fun of you. Wimp.

    Name calling is not allowed at the city! 420
  5. Not my cup of tea.

    ...or piss, for your matter.
  6. ...tell me to piss in a cup?

    I asked my ex to bite me once, and spank me. He couldn't handle it and cried saying he didn't want to hurt me.

    You can't be wimpier than him. Just try not to laugh when she's saying this crap and you're good.
  7. Yeaaaaah, I don't get why people wanna mix sex and waste excretion. lol Alls I can say is if you're not sexually compatible you're not sexually compatible. Might be time to move on. Definitely discuss it with her first though. Could be she's only turned on by it because she thinks you are.
  8. Call her that outside of the bedroom and I bet she'll hate you callin her that inside the bedroom

  9. Bingo!:D
  10. hey so does she uh pee in the cups for you? lol
  11. LOL!!!

    He CRIED??? Oh man... You're cracking me up!!

  12. That's hilarious
  13. help?....the way i see it, you guys are not compatible in sex so a breakup looks in order...(sorry)...
  14. yeah, this is another comment about "piss in a cup". WTF.

  15. Yeah he cried. It was sooo awkward.
    I was like geez...it's not like I asked you to punch me in the face and spit in my eye. Just a bit of spanking.

    So yeah we need to know about this piss in a cup thing.
  16. Tell her to shut the fuck up and that you'll call her what you want.

    I like to tell my girl, "don't look at me bitch!!!!"
  17. Just tell her it kinda freaks you out...

    Communication is the key to having a good relationship, sexual or otherwise :)
  18. I only swore once during sex.

    "Honestly, I swear I said your name... what is it? uhh... ?"
  19. tell her to fart in your nose?
  20. Never had this but when I do, I'll be sure to tell you what it's like. Wish I would get a girl who talks raunchy...WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! At that point I'm callin her every name in the fuckin book


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