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  1. Okay, this is going to obviously be my grow journal. I am going to go through each step of my prosess and record it. Not only for your own pleasure, but because I wanna learn from my mistakes.
  2. Okay time for some backround!

    Strain: AK47 from Serious Seeds
    Number of seeds: 10
    Number of plants to grow at one time: 4
    Light scheduale: Fluro's to 400w Metal Halide to 400w High Pressure Sodium's.

    I am also going to keep track of ALL of my expenses. I will provide a large list of what I have so far purchased up to this date.
  3. Next up on for the journal is exploring my grow setup. I currently have a mini-fluro for early seed development in my posession and a 400w MH grow light. This is what my station looks like right now. It's in my closet. To the left is a fan which you cannot seen, pete moss, and in the center is small seedling dishes, that I will use for easy transplanting after the rooting process is complete. To the right is a little home-made night table that I will use to hold all my supplies, such as ferts and whatnot. Here we go. :)

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  4. Now onto costs and expenses.

    Seeds - 40.oo$
    4 mini pots - 4.oo$
    Moss - 1.97$
    Powerbar - 5.98$
    Metal Halide light - 34.58$
    Temperature and Humity meter - 9.58$

    Not much yet, my friend has to pay for some other things, we are going halfsies in this.

    Here is a picture of my grow room a little farther back, unfortunately it's more distorted.

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  5. This is basicly a price list. It is actualy really accurate and can be used by anyone.

    Seeds -

    AK47 Seeds - Price : 40$
    Test Seeds - Price : 1 dollar
    Lights -

    Metal Halide - 35$
    High Pressure Sodium Lights - Price : 100-150$ estimated
    Flouresent Lights - Price : 20$
    Fans -

    Ventilation Fan - Price : 24$
    Extraction Fan - Price : 6$ (computer fan)
    Soils/Fertalizers -

    Fertilizer - Price : 6$
    Super Thrive - Price : 8$
    Peat Moss - Price : 2$
    Soil (20-10-10/Tomato Growing Soil) - Price : 8$
    Pots -

    Small Pots - Price : 4$
    1 1/5 Gallon Pots - 4$ each for 4 pots = 16$
    5 Gallon Pots - 6$ each for 4 pots = 24$
    Extras -

    Powerstrip - 6$
    Temperature / Humidity Guage - 10$
    Completely opaque blanket/or something of some sort - Price : ???
    Incense for smell - Price : 3$
  6. nice....good info......keep on your good work..good luck.....later jay..

  7. Of course. I ordered the seeds yesterday so it's gonna be a whole week and a half before I can really get started. But that's fine, because by that time finals will be over with, and I can relax and take up my new hobby ;). I am gonna make this as exact as possible, and maybe I can help out first-timers there turn around.

  8. Yeah everyone thinks there done, then whammo, some bullshit pops up and you are at it again. Just because I can, I have created a shitty site on geocities for everyday happenings. http://www.geocities.com/swaenKmonsta this way I can better log my thoughts compared to this forum. The forum you gotta reply, this way I can jot everyday happenings. Nah mean?
  9. Big news (kinda)! My seeds are in. :D This is so sexy, I am quivering with anticipation. I am holding the enveloped seeds in my hand, so sexy, so sexy!
  10. Allright see site for more updates. I got my fluoros instead of growing outside. 48" 40W grow lights. Here is a pic of my seeds. I will show you my complete setup monday after building inspector is through.

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  11. Here is the picture of my light fixtures...

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  12. It's sunlight immitation, used for aquariums and growing plants. Each bulb is 40W so I guess that would be 80 :D And since we are on topic right now... I have ran out of cashola and I need more pots can I use cut off pop cans as pots?
  13. why not......plastic pop bottles aswell...just make sure you put wholes in the bottoms and if you use bottles you put tape round them so that light doesnt get to the roots.....laters jay..
  14. yeah man if you can get 2 liter bottles, that will work for ya, prolly better than the cans. as Tetra said just make sure you cover the plastic to protect the roots.
  15. My cans are already done. I am only gonna have em in cans until I get payed, which is in about 1 and half weeks, then they get transplanted into big ass pots. Here is a pic of mysetup.

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  16. That's the plan. Although I havn't even germinated yet. I am in the midst of it right now and I am kinda freaking out. I germinated yesterday at about 12:00 am about, and now it's 4:00 pm and no sign of life. I don't really know what to expect here... I am using a plastic bag with 1 moist paper towell on the bottom and 2 moist paper towells on the top. I blew a bit of air into it, and sealed it good. Before germination I had them refrigerized for about 1 and a half days. Do you think a few should be sprouted by midnight tonight or have I done something wrong?
  17. woot, one of the seeds rooted, it's in the soil now. It's under the fluoro and it has some seran wrap over it.
  18. Okay, more good news, 6 out of 10 have rooted. They are all in the soil. Here's a little picture from the method I am using to germinate :D

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  19. 8 out of 10 planted! I am already seeing a little bit of a break in the soil for the plants. I am so pumped... In other news I have my ten 5 gallon pots along with 80 litres of soil, further combined with blood meal, and bone meal. I also have this type of fish fertilizer that looks pretty spiffy. I will put more information of this sooner later. Here's a picture of the big ass load of potting soil and pots.

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  20. Okay, 5 out of 9 germinated seedlings have sprouted. I am expecting one more though. Here's some pictures.





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