svedka (vodka) + salt = bong not clean

Discussion in 'General' started by Masta Bake, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. tell me why this cheap ass vodka doesn't react with salt the same way iso does. I tried to clean my bong shaking this shit around for 10 minutes and it did nothing. I'm just curious why.
  2. Because your vodka is about 40% alcohol and isoproply alcohol is 90%+.
  3. I heard you should use salt+ rubbing alch = 420 formula
  4. THIS- that = 420 formula
  5. because its ethanol not isopropyl :confused:
  6. u wasted vodka.....shame
  7. I wasted maybe a shot or two's worth and idc

    I don't have iso or rubbing alcohol =/

  8. >>iso=rubbing alcohol
  9. ^ Yes. I came in here just to say use Simple Green and you're done. I pour it in my bong, leave it and come back 3 hours later and it's as clean as the first day I got it. I soak my slides in it at the same time in little tupperware containers and no matter how dirty they are, they always come out clean.
  10. word? I'll have to pick some up.
  11. its really cheap too

    and if your piece isn't too dirty you can use the same simple green a few times instead of having to dump it in the toilet every time like iso/salt
  12. I'm too lazy to do that, but word I got some simple green and it cleaned mah piece yeyyyyyyy
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    ^ either get yourself simple green or grunge off.
    its the best stuff out there to clean your tubes.
    and drinking alcohol is a waste its not going to clean anything.
    ethyl alcohol is different from Isopropyl.
  14. thxxxxxxxx I went with the simple green :smoke:
  15. ypu can use nail polish remover too

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