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  1. So the other week, I was looking at the street and this Cop was cruising slowly down it, no big deal, that's they're job, a bit after, he does it again, and the third time he does it, he turns around at the end of the block, drives back and puts it in park across the street directly in front of my house. I'm playing guitar in my house kinda looking at him but not really, a bit after he drives forward and puts it in park again down the street. I was tweeked. And just now I was sitting at the computer and my Sister's like "Hey there's this big white van in front of the house," I stand up and go towards the window and I see two dudes sitting kind of upright and right when I'm in they're sight they drive off kinda quick it seemed because I was at the window for only a second. I'm getting kinda nervous man, is this something that should concern me? I'd appreciate some feedback dudes, Thanks GC
  2. is there any reason they should be after u? if not then they are just patrolling ur neighborhood.they do that on my block also but i dont think nothing of it cus ive done nothing wrong
  3. Do you sell weeed from your home? lol
  4. Omg your internet and phones are tapped dude get off of GC!
  5. Nope, I've bought once or twice in the street but a load of people do that, I'm just afraid some one was droppin' dimes
  6. If you get nervous from seeing a police officer, yes that's concerning.

    Calm down.
  7. very suspect imho
  8. Yeah dude, their the law, their hard to get around
  9. BURN the evidence
  10. here i'll help!!!11!!!! :smoke::smoke::smoke: :bongin:
  11. hahahaha yeaah buddy:smoke:

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