suspended from school :(

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  1. alright man, so ima senior this year. im just trying to get my shit done and coast through the year.
    well I skipped 4th period to got smoke a joint with a friend. well i get to my next class, sit down and mind my own bussiness. well i was working and all of the sudden i get slaped in the face with a ruler.
    I dont go down like a punk bitch, so i threw some punches then he started fighting back, 5 seconds later the teacher breaks it up.

    so i got fined 250 dollars:mad: for disturbing the class.
    now this guy is saying he beat my ass. well i didnt even consider it a fight really.
    so im just gonna smoke a blunt and forget about it.

    If he keeps talking shit and fucks with me again, i'll be sure to beat his ass outside of school.

    So that was my day, my dad wasnt even mad. he said hed beat the shit out of someone if they slapped him in the face for no reason;)

    So im about to go toke up and get my mond off this bullshit

    thanks GC!:cool:
  2. Who cares man, senior grades don't matter its freshman-junior. My friends were worse one went to class the first day of the semester and skipped ALL the way till the last day of the semester to take the finals lol. Another friend of mine just skipped school all the time and smoked pot.
  3. Try and let things roll of your back a bit. It's done wonders for me.
  4. The fuck?
    You have a 5th period?
  5. Be thankful you don't live in Missouri. You miss more than ten periods in a class, and you have to appeal for credit in whatever class it was. Basically, have your teach sign a form, and your parent, begging the administrative dickwipes to give you a credit, regardless if you passed the class or not.

    No child left behind.

    Right. That's why I was almost held back a year. Silly me.

    A lot of schools around here have seven. Some have four block days where each class is like two hours long though.
  6. Why would you start throwing punches over a slap in the face? Seems like you were asking for it.
  7. who the fuck cares? don't stoop down to his level, be above that. "I don't go down like a punk bitch"- aww the irony
  8. High school drama...
    *shakes head*
  9. My highschool (and most around here) had 9 periods, 45mins/period.

  10. Damn, with lunch and passing times thats one long ass school day God damn.
  11. 30 min lunch, and 3 mins between periods, it came out to 7 hours
  12. uhh for the record he didn't go down like a punk bitch. he went down, but he went down with style.
  13. I'd say getting yourself suspended and compromising your education isn't too stylish.
  14. evreyone knows dont fight when theres a damn teacher in the class room...
  15. Heh 8 periods here... We have the longest day in the state of Wisconsin...

    7:40-3:20 =(
  16. we got 7 periods, but i only have 5 classes and i get out at 12:30
  17. busted, this was realy a thread to see whos under 18

    lots of 18 year old seniors huh:D
  18. sounds like some 1 needs anger management seriously a slap in the face come on now
  19. Who fined you? I never heard of a law called "disturbing the class".

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