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    I've started thinking about a micro grow and I'm scratching my head as to what to use.

    I've seen a range of different boxes and they all look great or shoddy or dangerous or awesome.

    Have you ever done a micro-grow? If so, what did you grow in? Choose an option above and write any specifics in this thread if you choose "other" or else have a cool variation on an existing design.

    There should have been an "other" option.
  2. I always go for the "build to the space" method. It lets you maximize the grow space, as well as room for customization ( ie: separate fan cooled ballast chamber, drawer style air scrubber, built in overflow tank to prevent floods w/ hydro). It might cost a little/lot more to get up and running (depending on available material, how complex it is, etc.), but the DIY way is part of it to me. My favorite was building a micro box into a walk-in closet. The space was ideal for a mother chamber next to a flower chamber. Went straight from clone to bud. Wish I had pictures, looked rad all built into the wall and stuff!
  3. i voted tent even tho i dont use it. get a tent if you can. good investment
  4. LOL, dangerous aint the word for it.
    Mine is a box i built, looks dodgy but its runnin 15days non-stop. No problems so far.

    If you are handy with ur hands you might like to build something, but if not too skilled id suggest buyin something pre-made as you might spend more in the long run makin adjustments to your box. Whereas a tent will already be light tight etc.

    Best of Luck!

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