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  1. i saw her, HER. you know....her....***wink,wink
    while shoppin in my OLD FAV place (they gaveme a broken fukin gocart :) ) anywhooo... this nasty woman comes around the corner and says loudly to her man " get your eyes full of barbie.I SAW YOU" her man did the only thing he could and said nothing. as i was headed in that direction i turned the corner and noticed "barbie" right away, a very pretty girl in jeans no makeup and messy hair...:) just so happened she was *cough*working the machine only a few months back that was broke, because i was waiting for my pictures, being right next to her we were chatting....she showed me her pictures i told her they were beautiful..just so happens barbie was not only beautiful she was really nice too. i do believe a some point she was flirting with me. or maybe i was flirting with her.hhmmm....thank gawd this is a small town :)
  2. ...not to worry. I've been a closet lesbian for years!:p;)

  3. Me too! me too!
  4. no one is with out sin not even me! smile !
  5. the man was like a boy on christmas....thinks we should stalk wallyworld or somthing, hoping to see HER
    he's wierd...hehe
    always said id let him know......
    piece eh?

  6. Me too! Me too!
  7. in answer to my question. i take its no?
  8. only barbie's I see around this small town are the one's with a leg or arm missing or see,,, she's not so much,,kid's love rippin her


  9. What was the question?

    Ah the hell with it, go for it!

    That's my final answer.

  10. I agree gooo for it!
    If this is the wrong answer blame it on BPP.

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