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Surprise drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elliot Plur, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Okay, so I know that there's a generic answers to drug test questions topic, but this is a bit different.

    I toked heavily on saturday night and lightly sunday morning.
    Then I got a call about a job and they said that they'd do a drug test. So naturally I got a little nervous.

    So, I'm not sure what kind of drug test they're doing. But I've heard from a friend that works for the company that do a cheek sweep? What is it, how do I avoid it?

    Also, I've heard from another friend they do a simple piss test.

    Obviously I haven't smoked since I got the call, but I need some major help. I can't just get vitamin B supplements (parents would be suspicious), and of course I've been drinking a ton of water, and I don't know anything about the cheek sweep or avoiding methods.

    I have until thursday (48 hours exactly) to be clean in the eyes of the drug test.

  2. theirs products you can buy only to clean you. Try to drink as much fluid as you can to wash your system out. It will most likely be pee In a pot drug test.
  3. Go swimming or try and break a good sweat. Get all that ganja out your pores.
    Drink Green Tea, Cranberry Juice and warm water to detox. 
    Brush your teeth 4 times a day, making sure to get into the gums,use strong mouthwash to get it all out your gums and cheeks and
    Drink some fizzy juice before you go in.
    I remember reading somewhere that these methods can help you pass both of the tests. 
  4. It depends on how much you've been smoking but peeing clean urine in such a short time frame will be difficult. If it's a cheek swab, you shouldn't have anything to worry about
  5. Cheek swag drug tests test positive for measure the THC levels for up to 72 hours in your skin cells located in your mouth.
    you should be fine OP... if its a cheek swab that is
  6. You heard wrong. There is no weed in your pores. There's nothing to detox. Weed is fat soluble, unlike most drugs which are water soluble. The metabolites are stored in your adipose tissue. Your advice is for water soluble drugs.
    Also don't diet or exercise before a test, because it can release metabolites from your adipose tissue, which would just wok against you.
    Substitute or Dilute. You won't pass otherwise.
    Substitue: fake/clean pee
    Dilute: Drink tons of water to diliute the metabolite concentrations, bvitamins to add color, creatine and gatorade to increase the density of your urine so it's not suspect of dilution. 
    I stand corrected.
    Thanks for letting me know before i told this useless advice to anyone else, haha.
  8. WAY late on posting this, but I got the job c:
    and I got a couple paychecks and bought a nice little bowl, and a damn nice bong
    along with a couple grams of some medical :D

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