Surpassed The Friendzone.

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    I know I am the unheard of. But the title is all true. I had this friend that I really liked, but she friend zoned me. I figured that she is a good friend anyway, so I should keep talking to her. I was friend zoned for about 3 months. But then one day, she started falling for me. I don't know what it was, but I pulled it off and I asked her out today, she said yes. Some cool shit. 

  2. Don't settle!!!
    Good luck though sir!
  3. Realize that you are the back seat option in this, just saying~ 
    Or at least how I see it. Three months is a long time to put aside feelings.. But if you think asking her out was a good idea then hope its all good.
  4. You asked her out, ok. But does that make her your girlfriend?
  5. Pound her moof a few times and boom, feelings.
  6. Good luck! :D I do really wish people would drop the "friendzone" crap, such a ridiculous little concept. I've had so many opposite sex friendships that work great, now I'm gonna start fearing they want more one day because of this crap!
  7. Good Job! Next step is to buy a ring and purpose ;).
  8. Congrats man! Good vibes :smoke:
  9. Right on dude.
  10. Nice, hope that works out for you.
  11. I'm happy for you OP, and I hope it works out.
    Personally, I don't play the friend zone game. There was this girl who I knew, and she strung me along for about a month or two, (flirting, texting etcetera) before I decided that she was just keeping me on the back burner until her relationship failed. Lo and behold she broke up with her bf and started texting me again. I explained to her that I didn't like being toyed with and cut off all communication. Either it's real and genuine and you're willing to act on those feelings, or it's mind games and drama. That's just my opinion.
  12. Sunny Jim knows what's up!
  13. Hit it n quit it
  14. Dayum right, son.
  15. is it the apocalypse?

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