surgical technologists aka scrub techs

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  1. Maybe the right place maybe not if I was wrong move it plz.

    I'm considering taking a course to become a surgical technologist or commonly known as a scrub tech.

    Any posters here have this career or anyone have an experience or interests in it?

    All input welcome.

    I used to be in the computer field until I couldn't stand how meaningless the job felt. I left and have been doing jobs here and there for about a year and a half and I found this career and it seems great. The pay is well and its a good 9-5. I was going to go through with emt training but the hours suck and most emt I see are not happy people.

    I've been watching surgery videos and am loving the idea of being a part of that without the stress of killing someone via mistake like a surgeon has.

    I don't have a ton of time to think this over but the course is legit. (known from good trusted and successful friend.)

    Thanks for any input if anyone has it but the constructive thinking would really help me right now:smoke:
  2. I'm an X-Ray tech so I'm up in the OR all the time and it looks like a pretty interesting thing to do. You'll get your fair share of asshole surgeons, especially orthopaedic guys but if you're into seeing how the human body works on the inside, it's a very cool career.

    The 9-5 thing is a little iffy though as you will most likely have to take call and the 1st shift is generally reserved for the techs with tenure. Attention to detail and complete competence in the required tools for each operation is key. Making sure that every needle, cloth, tool is accounted for is the most important aspect I think as nothing pisses a surgeon off more than having to call us up to the OR to take an xray for a lost gauze or needle. .

    Seems to be a rewarding career especially if you like blood and guts.
  3. The blood and guts don't bother me as it's in a more controlled state. I'm also pretty good with memorizing things and I also live quick commute into Boston where there are TONS of great hospitals.

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