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  1. and I don't mean couchsurfing:)
    I'm talking about the real deal. I just started surfing in Bali last year on my holiday there and I'm totally addicted now. Unfortunately I'm not living close the ocean but I'm really looking forward to my next surfing holidays. Guess it will be Bali again, I liked the island,culture and waves there a lot. But this has to wait a few more month and until then I have to go to some ocean more close for some long weekends.
    Anyway I wanted to check if i can find more surf addicted citizens here in this community.

    So long,
    take a deep breath:smoke:
  2. Yep.. About to go check the waves in just a few minutes. Live in Costa Rica. They may not be epic everyday, but usually something to surf. Has been fun recently. Hang on until vacation. :)
  3. to me that is just going out and self trolling yourself as a shark lure............ha ha ha ha........that is just because I suck at it and can barely stand I am too old for that crap but I do enjoy watching others have at it and it is a very cool concept and thing to do. I like to wind surf at the beach but nothing fancy<<<NOVICE here.....
    trying not to kill myself now at my age so I ride horses every day and that is my risk....Carry on my brother and good luck high winds and big waves........
  4. yeah thats funny. I'm here for the first time and I find this threat about surfing.
    I live in bali and go surfing everyday. just trying to make my living of it....not easy but all i want. if anyone needs any tips regarding surfing in bali feel free to ask.
    would love to go to casta rica one day, heard lot of good things about the surf there.
    and there is a saying that goes "surfers don't get older just the boards become longer". so mr ol red eye, it's never too late :)
  5. WOW!!! Sweet as Bali!!! Wanna go there one day!!!! My friends always go there for 2 or 3 month during wintertime. Hope I can join them this year.
    I'm living in Germany also and surf here. The water is still cold but I had some good surf this year.
    Costa Rica is supposed to be good too but I think I will check out Bali first.
  6. Cool, thanks for the reply...
    and seems like Bali is quite popular in this community too. And how cool is it to live there...I'm kind of jealous skunkinvasion. Greet the island from me!!!
  7. Hey, even though I enjoy living here, I really envy you guys living in Bali...
  8. I would be trolling for Marlin in Bali.:D
  9. I live in new zealand and the waves are tunnel left brake waves ,but bali is the real deal smoken and durfn havent done but ima give it a go ,ohhhhhhh weeeeee

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