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  1. There has to be an end
    Since we are proof of the start
    end to start as Alpha to Omega
    start to end as Omega to Alpha
    To end is now
    and again we are proof

    My heart beats and tells me i am alive
    when i know it all to be lies
    and a face that is not of seen
    Then does that to mean
    i do not exist
    (or of being)

    I am in love with the hope
    That a person will save me
    and a feel is the teeth of the knife
    stricking and knowing into me
    Just my blood and heart lays on the floor

    And i know you dont understand my ways
    or what i mean to say
    but my pen strikes the paper instead
    of my dumb dumb heas
    for shame i die to myself
    so is this what alive means

    IS this my Alpha ?
    Or Omega
    how can it be neitherfor
    i dies over again
    or both
    a like dancers they have no effect
    but as great deffenders of oppossite teams
    to leave them in a room together
    means to control
    and the Alpha nor Omega have control alone
    but would have to have control to make
    the control of peace of dancers

    So it this now her my
    Omega or Alpha
    Alpha or Omega ..................
    ...........HUH !!
  2. I really wanted to take this seriously but then I read it again and realized that it's not meant to be taken seriously sooooo...HUH???
  3. yes it is serious and the huh at the end for me symbolised the endlessness of the sitatution and how confussing it felt /feels

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