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  1. Local nursery is now carring Superthrive plant hormone and vitamins. Has any1 ever used this? guy said a couple of drops per gallon is all i need. its not a fertilizer.
  2. Its best used when transplanting or if you plants appear stressed. It doesn't hurt to use it weekly.
  3. I use SuperThrive as an additive throughout the entire plant's life.

    I find that it really stops all appearance of stress in the plant. I can't attest that it will make it more resinous but it will make it more robust.

    All in all it really is as good as the package builds it up to be for new, young, and stressed plants.
  4. works great... im not so sure it speeds up plant growth but its great for stress... i like to use it moderately during veg... and every watering during flower....
  5. some people swear by the stuff. i look at it this way. when used per the instructions, one drop per gallon, i don't see how it could do much of anything. think about it. most, if not all ferts., call for many ml. per liter, when mixing at full strength. one little drop of super thrive can't be very beneficial. if you need it to keep your cuts alive then throw those cuts away. i want strong robust cuts. not ones i have to baby with supplements. i don't want to argue about it and won't respond to this thread again. i just wanted to add my 2 cents.
  6. ive got a very smart friend that works at a nursery for the past 10 yrs.. he said that superthrive can be used at a capful per gallon for full grown plants.... thats roughly 30 drops or so
  7. I use superthrive with my mother plants so i get lots of branches for cloning.And also use during my vegative stage before flowering to create lots of bud sites but never use in flower it is also a good foliar spray.

    Take it easy
  8. ST is a very divisive topic -- some swear by it, some think it's a scam. You'll notice the bottle doesn't say what is inside. The bottle even looks a little like the proverbial "snake oil" concoctions sold long ago. No doubt this secrecy contributes to the doubts some have.

    It definitely has a lot of vitamins in it, if you sniff the bottle it smells strongly of vitamins.

    Personally I use ST a few times throughout the grow (soil from seed) and think it helps, but I've never done a controlled side-by-side experiment.
  9. its 1 drop per cup of water.........
  10. And one more time as GG and I have said B4 .....
    It's NOT a FERTILIZER it's a Hormone/Vitamin Supplement thats why ya' only need a drop to the cup :D

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