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  1. I've recently just got a few seeds with one of them being Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic! I've had a look and seen if any of you guys have grew it at all. To my shock I only found one grow journal documenting Supersonic Cristal Storm automatic, so I've decided to do one myself for people to look back on hopefully helping them with a grow of it in the future!

    Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic is a crossbreed of Lowryder + Black Domina. It is a very fast growing autoflower which from seed to harvest is 65 days! Also it shoots from seedling to flowering stage like all autos. With this one starting to flower at 12 days. It produces a decent yield for an auto with it going from 45 - 75g. I have actually heard of someone taking 3oz off one of these ladies under perfect conditions.

    I will be using the paper towel method to germinate. Bio Bizz allmix as a soil grow. Bio Bizz Grow And Bloom (which won't be needed for a while as the allmix soil is hot an loaded for 4 weeks) An 11 inch pot which is around 1.5 gallons. 2 100w CFLs. And a grow box foiled up that I made myself.

    I started off with the paper towel method to germinate the seed which happened within about 20hrs. Next I filled up my pot with the Bio Bizz Allmix and lightly watered with bottled water. Pushed a pen in the middle of the pot to a quarter inch. Then I popped my germinated seed in the small hole and lightly covered the seed hole, then lightly watered again, which I pour the water from the bottle into the water bottle lid then sprinkle it over. Then I put a bin bag around the pot the keep the moisture in, then in the airing cupboard to wait for the lady to pop through.

    Day 1

    I went to check on the lady this morning when I woke up and found that she had broken through the soil. So I got her into her new home being the DIY grow box. I put on the CFLs plus a normal lighbulb just for heat perposes. To my shock I went and checked on her a few hours back and she was standing proud with her seedling leaves open with the first 2 true leaves flying out at about the same size of the seedling leaves already! I've never seen it happen this quick before which excites me wondering how fast this plant will grow!! I'm aiming on getting a few photos done tomorrow with her progress. I'll be keeping the journal updated very regular as such the short lifespan of this little lady doesn't go undocumented. Peace Up Guys
  2. Are the CFL's 100 watt equivalent, or 100 watts? If they're equivalent you may want to add some more lights.

    Sounds good though, I saw them on The Attitudes website and really wanted to buy some, but went for a mix of hazes instead. But I'll definitely be watching this, good luck!

  3. Cheers mate, yes they are 100w each not the equivalent, or the little lady wouldn't like me for it lol!! I was interested in the hazes, but never got around to them. I have like loads of seeds Easy Ryders (lowryder #2 + AK47), Blue Widow, Criticle +, Spicey White Devil, and the cheeses, but it was the speed an yield for an auto that attracted me to this, an the main reason was the 21% THC content!!
  4. I definitely feel that, my reason for haze is that pure sativa. You're gonna be rollin in some fire before too long, I'm gonna have to buy some of those seeds for my second grow though.

    You gonna post some pics as they get a lil older?
  5. Yes for sure bro, day 2 today an I'm shocked how quick she's growing!! I'll have some pics up in the next few days, as grows on a bit more!! Peace
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    Day 2

    The Supersonic Cristal Storm Auto has done quite well for being two days old. She's certainly showing that she does have a rapid growth in her, a nice healthy green glow to her. At the moment because i'm using a 1.5 gallon pot as you start in the pot you end in with autos, i'm watering twice a day, sounds mad, but the way i'm doing it is pouring the bottled water i'm using with a neutral PH into the lid of the bottle and pouring the water around the plant. I'm using about 3-4 bottle lid full each time, so in other words shes getting just the right amount for now! I've taken the first picture of her at 2 days old so here she is guys, thanks for the interest!

  7. DAY 4

    I've now gotten to day 4 and noticed the first true leaves have grown a nice bit, and the next set of leaves with the 3 blades have started to nicely come out and are developing very well! Which now she should start to speed up as more leaf surface for photosynthesis! Started to water a bit more now as the little lady is starting to get a bit more thirsty, as i'm guessing the taproot has started its race down to the bottom of the pot like they do with the autos!! Everything seems to be going very well at the moment, so fingers crossed she should grow into a nice strong girl in the next week or two!!

    Here's the Day 4 Photos Anyway guys!

  8. DAY 7

    We've now got a week into the grow and things are moving very smoothly. She's starting to speed up a bit now she has fatter leaves. So with the photosynthesis and the fatter leaves i'm expecting her to take off very fast now!! On the info on the seed websites it says she'll burst into fast grow on day 12 so i'm really looking forward to that time in 5 days! She's going really well in the Bio Bizz Allmix, i'm now glad i started her off in that as first of all i was a little worried it may have been too 'hot' for her but no she's really loving it!! She's starting to drink the water a little faster again now, so she's getting a bit more but every other day now and taking to it very nicely!!
    Well here's the pictures on Day 7 anyway, enjoy!!

  9. Looking good! I'm looking forward to see her flowering
  10. Nice grow!! I just started the same SSCS she's been above the soil for just about two days good to know what to expect in 7 days.
  11. Day 18

    Hey Guys,
    Been a little while since i was on here as been very busy recently, i've taken photos an put them in the Cristal Storm Photo journal. But as i'm back here on day 18 i have the photos of today to put on!! She's really been growing real fast, that fast in fact she decided to burn herself on my CFLs!! Not much damage done, i woke up yesterday an she had grow up that much she was kissing my CFLs, so i've highered up the lights a bit, just glad i wasn't using HPS or MH lighting!! Yesterday i stuck up an extra 2 CFLs so She Has 4 x 100W now, and it is the 100s not the comparrison!! Also 3 days ago she shown her 2 first Pistils, today she has quite a few of them so things are moving very fast!! Well here's the pictures so until next time enjoy!!



  12. looks good will follow your grow , can you link me up with the lights your using and hangers?
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    Yes sure, it is on the begining of my journal bro but I'm using 4 CFLs 100w (as added an extra 2!) also 1 normal lightbulb just for heat (which works quite well as keeps the perfect temp). I'm not using any hangers as I've built my own grow box with card which is covered in foil inside. Which I have bought a few crocodile clip light holders which hold the lights at the top of the box! If you want I'll post some photos of the set up tomorrow, but it's going very well and fast in the Bio Bizz Allmix soil!! Peace
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    ....retracted...question answered. I should be more careful not to smoke myself retarded
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    Lol not to worry, I've only added the extra 2 x 100w yesterday to give her a bit more of a boom now she's throwing those pistils out. She on day 18 today so still have about 2 weeks of food in the Allmix, as the Bio Bizz Allmix is 'Hot' for 4-5 weeks. Then I'll be starting on a quarter strength of bloom, I have the Bio Bizz bloom and Plant Magic Bloom so I'll make up my mind which one to use closer to the time! Thanks for tuning in anyway bro, an I'll get some photos up tomorrow of the set up so everyone can see how I'm doing it!! Peace
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    Just got an email with your question on misticsnow but for some reason it's not showing up on the thread yet? Yes they are 100w each an not the equivalent, I have 3 of the CFLs at the top of the DIY growbox and 1 at the bottom to give the lower leaves some light, and then I have the normal lightbulb for heat at the top as well! I've been keeping the CFLs as close as possible in which I'm lowering the plant a little bit each day as she was on a lot of CDs inside which I've taken a few away each day. Now she is totally on the floor shes grown that fast! Peace
  17. I'm working on some speed devil autos and a gnomo automatic (matara blue x flash). I love the idea of autos so I'm going to start some easy ryders soon, but I'm on the lookout for descent yeilding easy strains for my indoor grow.

    Looking forward to seeing some fat buds. Good luck
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    Sorry dude. I was surfing a few threads and got my brain mixed so I realized my error and edited the post right after lol
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    No worries, I've got a load of Easy Ryder Feminised seeds myself by the Joint Doctor, but I thought I'd do the Supersonic Cristal Storm Automatic first as it's a bigger yield than the Easy Ryders, plus with it being Lowryder x Black Domina it has a very nice 21% THC levels! Will look forward to seeing your grow of autos, have you started a journal at all? Peace
  20. Yes. I have 2 journals going right now. One for my first grow of photos from some bagseed and one for my autos. I try not to post links in someone else's thread without permission so I can throw them up if you like. Things are going pretty well so far. My gnomo is higher than i thought shed be and should have LSTd her but her stalk got real fat at the bottom really fast and I didn't want to crack it.

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