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  1. So I just saw the film last night. A poor effort to see it, I know. I was just interested, though, in how many Americans (as the film is set there) and how many people from the U.K. (where I live) are actually overweight.

    Please add yourself if you're not overweight too as it gives a more comparable description of both nationalities.

    If you're not from the UK or the US then I would be interested to hear your BMI too.

    A note on BMI:
    - this is a free BMI calculator- just remember that 1 Stone = 14lbs
    At the bottom of this page there are instructions on how to manually calculate your BMI as well but you have to know the metric.
  2. I have never seen that movie.

    I am from the USA.

    I am 6' at 140 pounds, making me exactly 10 stones.

    They said my BMI is 19.02, which is in the healthy weight range.

    Then again, my metabolism is through the roof. As an added bonus, THC doesn't stay in my system too long for drug tests.

    I am certainly not obese, but I should work on turning the excess fat into muscle.
  3. Whoa...I watched it last night as well...I was just about to make a Poll but the options were going to be "Skinny, Average, Overweight, Obese", a bit more simple :p
  4. i got too big of a head ache to go thru everything but im 6'1 and weigh 160 lbs. god damn it my head hurts.

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