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SuperSilverHaze, Bob Marley, Chemo, m-39 royal, and more....CGE grow(NEW PICS)

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by joe_fresh, Jan 18, 2010.

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    hey all,

    ive spent the last couple of weeks building a growroom, well in fact 3 growrooms;). im almost done, and have a few things left to finish, but i should be able to post pics soon enough of my finished rooms(and get a camera). i currently have all my plants under a 400 mh to veg in another location untill my rooms are done, curently i got: 2 chemo(bagseed), 16 bob marleys(local breeder/grower), Super silver haze(GHS), and will be getting some clones in about 2 weeks ( m-39 royal).

    although i got 3 rooms i have split it into 2 rooms, one large and one small , there is always 1 room on as each room is on for 12 hrs. i have the ballasts hooked up to relay switches and the timer so it auto switches from 1 room to the other. i would love to explain more but i had a professional electrician do all my electricity and a professional ventilation expert do my ac and ventilation, so i will be focusing this thread more on the genetics, as im interested in ppls opinions on my strains as they grow.

    the basic equipment i will be using:

    1k watt super hps lights(hortilux)
    14" wide grow pots
    water cooled ac
    co2(55 lb bottles)
    grow medium: (3 parts promix, 1 part perlite, 1 part shrimp compost, 1 part sheep compost, and dolomitic limestone)

    room dimentions: 2 rooms

    11x14 is the first, and the other room is 2 conected rooms put into one, each is 11x11
    each room will run on its own comlete enviroment, seperate a/c's, separate co2 systems, both in CGE (closed growing environment)systems.

    i will be starting to post pics next week or the week after, i do not have a cam at this point, and will be buying one soon, so pls be patient for pics, and i will only be posting pics once a week so i can truly see the difference in the growth from week to week. i figure i will probably start by feb 1st, as i figure i got about a week left in building the growrooms, and then a week of test runs b4 i put any plants in there.:hello:

    so , if anyone wants to tag along, or have any questions, plz feel free to ask:D

    ps: i smoke about 7-10 grams a day, sometimes more:smoking:, so if ever what i say doesnt make sense or sounds like im going in circles, im prolly just real high and keep forgeting what im talking bout..lol

    just thaught i would mention that this grow is not all mine, it is a larger grow but it is all for personal use between me and my friends, we like making hash, and smoking weed by the tons, so just because its a larger grow op does not make it comercial, ITS ALL FOR PERSONAL USE

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    here is a drawing of my room, it sux, but its the best i can do till i get pics up here

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    well i just talked to the a/c guy, he'll be bringing my a/c's friday and installing them over the weekend, been waiting almost a week for his call:D!! cant wait, the room is finally looking ready, all i need to do now is get the a/c's installed, hook up my co2, mix the dirt, and get the clones and plant them, soo happy im almost done, ill get pics up as soon as possible, i dont want to use a phone for security issues.
  4. This seems like a massive project. Are you going to be mothering up? How many super silver haze do you have. How many plants per room/total? Staggered flowering cycle (continuous grow)? There are so many questions. This is definitely interesting and I can't wait to see these rooms up and running.
  5. aprox 50 -70 plants per room, continuous grow, my first harvest is going to be m-39 royale, because im getting clones (150) shortly, theyre pretty cheap(5$ each)localy, that will give me time to choose a mother from the rest of my plants to make clones for the next grow.
    i currently have 2 chemo, 16 bob marleys, 5 SSH, and the m-39 royale will get as soon as the room is done
  6. Nice man that sounds awesome. I'm definitely going to stick around for this one. If this all goes as planned, (and I'm sure it will), then this is going to be a beautiful sight. Props sir.
  7. hope so too :)
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    well i just recieved the seeds i ordered on the 9th from pick & mix seed bank, ordered 10 x PURPLE BUD SKUNK, and 3 x ATA TUNDRA seeds from seedsman co. i was pretty excited that they got here because i didnt think they were gonna get here, lol, so i was feeling soo good i went and baught more.
    tonight i ordered Female Seeds X-Line Iced Grapefruit from attitude,
    and Hashberry - Regular x10 from mandala, and Pineapple Punch - Regular x10 from flying dutchman, from pick&mix seeds,
    now to see which gets here faster,lol
  9. well , the a/c gets installed tomorow, should be getting the clones by the first, that means that this week is camera shopping, any suggestions? looking to spent like 100-150$ on the camera
  10. well out of the purple skunk and ata tundra, i decided to germ 6 purple skunks, and all 3 ata tundra, and guess what, all of them popped :)

    now i just cant wait for the new arrivals, lol.

    the bobs are really getting tall on me, about a foot tall, compared to the SSH and Chemo, which are only about 6-8 inches tall. i find the bobs grow with alot of vigor, i cant wait to post some pics up
  11. I can't wait to see some pics.
  12. yeah i know i really need to get a camera, but above all i need to get started, im still wating in the a/c guy, he just delivered the a/c's last night, now thursday he's supposed to come and do all the piping for the a/c and water drain. so looks like im delayed yet again :( ,once thats done, i can go and do the final touch-ups(like preping the room for the clones), i cant wait
  13. well, just istalled the plumming for the a/c's, gonna install the thermostats and a/c's tonight, then i should be ready to go, i hope by monday im good to go..its been a month since i started this project
  14. damn...just plucked 6 male and 2 female bob marleys, the rest of the plants have not shown pre-flowers yet, didnt wanna kill the males yet so i just stuck them in an un-used bathroom in the basement, im gonna get a cam this weekend for sure, so watchout for a pic overload ;)
  15. well i just recieved my Iced grapefruit and my ufo La Woman from attitude, 10 days exactly, i must say they won the "race",lol, still waiting on my other order from pick&mix, sould be here b4 friday, and i should have some pics up by tomorrow of my rooms and of my few plants that i have going right now. i must say i like the little "UFO" buissness card from attitude, lol.

    my seed collection is growing, in storage i got about 50 bob marley , 5 ssh, 5 purple skunk, 5 iced grapefruit, 1 la woman, and will be getting my 10 hashberry and 10 pineapple punch by the end of the week, and i plan to get more every other week just to build on my collection ;)
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    [​IMG]heres the seeds i got today, and then theres the ones i got last week
    btw these are taken with my webcam, i will be getting a new cam before thursday

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    well i finally got my camera, but dont know how to make it function properly to take nice pics like the nice macro and the close up clear shots, and i also got problems with the size of my pics, they seem to start out at 4000x3000 in size and i dont under stant why, if i gotta cut and resize evry pic the is going to be long and hard to get proper pics up, i got one that took me bout 10 min to get right,lol. here it is ill get more up soon as i figure this thing out:eek:

    this pic is of my 400 that im using to keep these babys alive until i get everythig set up in my new rooms

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    heres 2 more, resized so its not the whole pic:devious:, ones the chemo the others the SSH

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  19. here i thgink im starting to get the hang of the camera

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  20. heres some shitty pics of my bob marly(tallest), my chemo(second tallest and fat leaves), and my SSH(shortest with thinest leaves)

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