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Super's Master Kush (600w RDWC, 4x4 tent)

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by superusa, May 24, 2010.

  1. Looks Great man! That tent is going to be soooooooooo Full! Bad ass.
  2. Very nice bro! Looks like the white balance is nice, perhaps could be set a little lower in color temp and the aperture could be a bit less open to keep the bright greens of those fatty plants. As far as the grow goes, all I can say is big ups! and you may wanna get a crew from home depot's parking lot to help with all that trimming to come! Looks like they will be huge!
  3. Is this Master Kush from a seed bank, or was it a clone?

  4. Buddy grew out nirvana master kush. I took a clone from his keeper.
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    That's exactly what I wanted to hear. :D

    Got some nirvana MK runnin' right now myself. If I don't find a good mom in this batch I'll have to make myself one. ;)

    I'll be watchin' this one intently. :bongin:
  6. I absolutely despise dealing with seeds because of the time involved, and the amount of differences in phenotypes even in "stabilized" strains. Especially hybrids a 50/50 hybrid F1 10 seeds = 10 totally different plants varying across the spectrum of the 2 parents. So I only deal with clones, and just keep rotating different plants through the setup till i find something amazing.
  7. Ahh, nothing bad to be said about cloning a decent plant. Nice, uniform plants, known flowering times and no surprises.

    I'm only growing from seed to find decent mothers to clone from.

    But if I'm gonna pick a mother to clone repeatedly, doesn't it make sense to want to get the best that strain has to offer? No way the best pheno is in the 10 seeds I bought...

    If I find a particular strain that I want to keep around for a while, I need to find a true keeper for a mother plant. The easiest way to find the best mother is through a fairly simple cross. I choose my favorite female pheno of the 10 seed I bought, then I collect pollen from all of the males, combine it into one container, and pollenate my chosen female. Then I grow out all the seeds I make (like you said, lots of different phenos). Now I have hundreds of phenos to choose the very best of all the females as my clone mother.

    Takes about a year worth of dedicated growing to accomplish, but that extra mile is what separates good bud from great bud, imo.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin' that this MK is worth putting that much time into. I'm just spouting off ideas to produce superior buds. Just something to keep in mind if ya ever find a strain you want to really spend some time on.

  8. I definitely agree with the method of hunting for phenos with seeds, it's the only way to do it (besides breeding), I am just personally too lazy to do it myself lol. I just like to piggyback off of others hard work i guess lol. Plus since I run the RDWC I only run 1 pheno at a time, would take me too long to grow out a 10 pack of seeds. Props to you for having the time and patience though. There really is no substitute for growing out 10 or even 20 of the same strain to get the best pheno. there is usually one that is significantly better than the others.

  10. look out! they're gonna blow! :D
  11. Yeah still not much to look at....but what can you do? I am sure pistil sclusters will start showing up more in the next couple of days (at least I hope), MK is supposed to finish 50-60 days after they start poppin so should be quick progress after that.
  12. Damn those are some beautiful plants, what DWC materials are you using? Think you could share a diagram?

  13. My system is relatively simple. I have a rubbermaid tote (14gal i believe) that serves as my controller. inside the controller are 2 x 400+gph sub pumps, each pump feeds only 2 buckets through 3/4" feed lines (top feed). each bucket has a 1" drain, and only two buckets are hooked to each drain line. I used all ebb-n-flo fittings (or whatever they are called), and 6" netpot lids. I have 1 wally world dual outlet pump for each bucket, and one for the controller. For airstones I use the 1 1/2" diameter airstones from the grow store (2 in each bucket). I also have an additional 14 gal rubbermaid tote which is my top of res which sits on top of the controller, and fills it with a float valve mounted inside the controller. If that's clear as mud you should take a look at my old journal which shows it better in pics.
  14. Looking great man! Good description of your set up.
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    Oh I see, well thanks for the great description, I understand the setup haha although it is kinda confusing I get the basic concept. So you have water/solution that is constantly being drained and filled through your buckets or do you only drain every once in a while?
    Great setup though! Obviously your girls love it haha :smoke:
    edit: almost forgot to ask, what are you doing for airflow inside your grow area?

  16. My buckets circulate continuously, almost exactly 60 times an hour, or once a minute. There is no real fill/drain time because they stay full all the time. For airflow in the tent I have a 6" carbon filter/inline fan combo routed like this:

    Carbon Filter-->Fan-->600w Cooltube-->Out of the tent

    This creates constant negative pressure, sucking air in through the bottom of the tent. Also blows out nice clean non-smelly air and cools my light with only 1 fan. Works like a charm.

  17. I missed this earlier. Thanks for the advice on shooting I will give that a shot. And your grow is looking nice and like you are gonna have a good finishing height in that screen. I don't like my nuggets to be growing beneath the screen in a scrog, and yours look like the stretch is finishing at the perfect height. I am just too busy these days to do the scrog or much else. In all reality my plants are pretty much growing themselves, with nutes adjustments only made every 7-10 days. All I have to do is crack the tent to takes some pics. I really love RDWC, really....

  18. Shoot I am right there with you on that one brother!
  19. How are the girls doing? Any updates?

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