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  1. Has anybody had any scary real encounters with the supernatural that are testaments to their existence?
  2. Yeah, most definitely. Vivid flashes of truth, glimpses into the spirit world.. absolutely. Maybe you're looking for a story..

    Once on a warm summer night.. a silent, light rain, sporadic bright strikes of lightning.. I was able to see and control the colour and the flow of my own energy. I mean really, visually see it. I was alone in the woods, and the glow of red energy didn't seem like the proper Spiritual broadcast; I was able to switch to bright, ice-blue.. I could see (represented by twisting arrows) the direction which energy flowed from my core out through my fingertips.. it got a bit stranger and more supernatural, but the rest would just sound like jibberish. It was only the first Experience.

    Believe it or not, it's all true. I lived it.

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  3. No I haven't. Have you?

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  4. Nothing supernatural. Paranormal though...I make telepathic calls to Mars and the moon. Faded phone line operator. Jobs from the future.
  5. Oh wow. I've never had anything like that ever happen. That's just really awesome. Were you still unemployed in this future Mars world?
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  6. No unemployment for a mind so desperately needed to the Martian Creed. Earth is over saturated with money-lovers anyhow.

    When I make collect calls, the moon operator always takes a messenger bong rip for ease of communication.
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  7. I have some weird feelings in me pants on occasion.

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  8. Yeah but I was on some funky stuff and was probably imagining all of it.
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  9. TBH..These days the Supernatural feels more natural then natural.
  10. Ahhh, No 3rd eye here!!! I get it. Thanks!
  11. Well when I was 8-12 I lived in a house that me and my cousins all got bad vibes from it. We would always hear noises coming from upstairs even when no one was up there at the time. Or we would see shadows at times from random places but then again we were kids so we probably just imagined it all or not.

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  12. But when I went to Central America I had tons of cousins who told me stories of ghosts.

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  13. My dick is the boogeyman you've all been afraid of since childhood.
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  14. hell no i am too scary, if i noticed something i would scream like a baby
  15. Once when I was walking back from the pub I thought I saw a ghost in the grave yard beside my house so I got a quick wobble on, walked past in the morning and it was a white gravestone... I felt like a tit.

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  16. :smoking-bong:
  17. Just last night *before I got high* my boy J and I were walking towards my house to get ready for a Seth Rogen marathon, when I looked up in the sky and saw this light. I don't know if it was a UFO or a light anomaly, but it was low, extremely silent and HELLA fast. Easily cleared Arlington, Texas-Fort Worth in a matter of 30 seconds. I tried to get a picture but I was at 2% battery and my flash apparently was on, so it kinda killed the battery. J got video but it's poor quality. The light looked like it was only 100 feet above us, and no it wasn't any kind of drone in existence that I've ever seen. No noise, the light didn't look the same as a light they would use on a plane, more like an old lightbulb honestly. It was yellowish orange. It dimmed out, turned back on then just disappeared once it got closer to Fort Worth.

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  18. I saw a human once

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  19. This may sound odd but I've seen this exact same thing. About 2 years ago I was on my friends porch waiting on him to come out so i could light up when I saw a yellowish orange light fly across the sky at super fast speed. At first I thought it was a shooting star because it disappeared. But seconds later it came back moving all over the place. To this day I can not explain it.

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  20. I've had numerous vivid encounters with demons despite not believing in them, including several possession attempts. In the encounters I can hear them, feel them, and sometimes even see them.

    In the first encounter that seemed to me to be a possession type attack, I was lying in bed and felt an invisible person on top of me pinning me down to my bed while I struggled to move. I could feel the hands of the entity touching my face, head, and neck and the more I struggled, the more intense the attack became until I felt the sensation something got sucked into my body and then I stood up thinking I had fought it off and temporarily became blind while it was inside me. Then I fell to the floor and passed out and when I woke up the attack seemed to be over.

    The second possession encounter an invisible entity with a booming male voice, speaking to me in a language I've never heard before, tried to enter my body and I managed to fight it off but I felt stinging burning sensations on my body while it was attacking me. The struggle of repelling the attack of the thing trying to get inside me was exhausting but I won that battle.

    I've also had instances where I've heard multiple loud angry voices screaming at me in a foreign language I couldn't recognize and have seen a demonic looking entity that looked like a woman with no face who has appeared to me several times now. I'm not a religious person but I have a hard time finding a rational explanation for why these things happen to me. I would think they would only happen to religious people who actually believe in this stuff.

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