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  1. Any of you blades ride supermoto?
    im looking at getting one soon mainly a wr250x or a drz400, I hear theyre very realiable bikes good starter bikes.
    I Kind of want something with a bit more power but at the same time they seem like they have enough power to put a smile on your face.
    If you di ride supermoto did you build your own or did you get a factory ready bike? Pros and cons?
    general supermoto appreciation thread i guess
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    I had a DRZ400s and it was a fun bike so the SM would be a blast. Faster is always funner but it should be fast enough :)
    Out of a wr250x or a drz400 I'd go with the WR250x.
    You have to make a account to view the forum but its a link to bikes for sale. It might be worth it to get one shipped.

    Check out this bike. I'd buy it sight unseen and ship it.!!-Marchcesni-Wheels-Brembo-Brakes!
  3. i actually surf that site occasionall i wish they had regonial threads on there. mostly lurk locale areas on craigslist everyday waiting for the perfect one to come along. I got my eye on a wr250x. Have you ever ridden one? Im worried it wont be enough power after i ride it for a couple months
  4. I've had a few over the years. IMO the 250x is just not powerful enough my buddy has one and loves it, but he's a little mutha fucka :) I'm on the heavier side weight about 215. The DRZsm is a pretty damn solid bike reliable as hell and easy to maintain and upkeep. Aprilia and husqvarna both make 550's that are bad ass!! Both on the expensive side but IMO worth the cash if you've got it. Never rode a husky but my brother had the Aprilia and it was super fun to ride and has the power to still scare you if you want. Could do 100mph stand ups on it

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  5. I have never been on the WR250x but would think it feels tighter then the DRz400sm. I have a 2006 XR650R thats a street legal tard and I'm happy with it.
  6. ya im a big guy at 230 im thinking i might need a bigger bike. I think i saw an aprilla for sale on my craigslist but i was kind if leaning towards the main stream bikes like the drz and wrx cause i read the up keep isnt as big of a pain in the ass
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    If your over 200 lbs I would get a more powerful bike and loose a little weight :). I looked at Aprilla's on Craigslist awhile ago and didnt feel comfortable buying one. The problems online scared me away. My Xr needs the valves adjusted and oil changed ever 1000 miles(manual says 600 but thats for RACE). Its a fairly easy service to do your self.
  8. haha im 6'3 and a gym rat. I am trying to get down to about 215 but off topic.
    Some of the "real supermoto" bikes i read need oil change and service like every 4-5 riding hours which was a total turn off. But i also dont knoe how accurate it is. Ive always loved ktm's and theres an abundance of them weirdly in my area (id say 75% of the supermotos for sale ate ktm) but unless one eye catcher comes along i think im leaning towards a drz.

    But thats another problem i dont want to buy new and being so particular in a bike means i could be sitting on my thumb for a bit while i could be out riding
  9. I wouldn't let oil change interval get in the way of your purchase, that's ridiculous.

    Changing the oil on a bike is a bonding experience, and you'll get to do it more than others
  10. Haha ok man ill keep that in mind aswell
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    The service scared me at first on my bike but for the price of a DRZ400sm I spent $500 more and got the XR which is a lot more bang for your buck.
    What ever bike your looking at google what the service intervals are. Also make sure that you can do them without a bunch of special tools. What state do you live in(pm if you want)? I love searching for bikes!

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