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  1. Im purchasing with Cash... how much postage will it take for my envelope to make it to you? i live in Ohio (USA)
    and when you recieve my cash do you notify that youve recieved it? or do i just wait until my product arrives? and how long does it generally take for my tobacco product to reach me?
  2. 1.50 ? it should be enough, I'm not sure, best way to make sure is to ask your post office. It always depends on the weigh of the envelope, sometimes it's 80 cents, sometimes 2 $.

    You will not get confirmation when we receive your money, but you will receive a confirmation when we ship your order, uasaly two to three days after we receive the cash. It takes about 5 to 7 days to receive your envelope from the states.

    Shipping of your products takes between 7and 14 days.

    I hope this answers your question.

  3. All i bought was the Half Inside-Out Double Raked Sherlock... I just noticed the sign on the color changing glass page says "California Color changing glass.. Made in the USA.. shipped from within the USA... 4 days Delivery gaurantee.." my order number is #006570 .. today is sunday and tomorrow is Labor day.. so i cant send it out until tuesday.. will my pipe be have the 4 day gaurantee and be shipped from within the u.s.???
  4. Your shipping guarantee starts from the momnet we receive your mail with the payment. It still be shipped from the US off course.

  5. its tuesday! ill be heading to the post office after a good nights sleep! (its 1 AM here.. hah) thanks for answering my questions so promptly and i now have complete faith in your company.. ive already begun reccomending you to friends..

  6. I'm looking forward to your order :), thanks for your recomendation to friends!



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