Superjoint calls on all members of!! New Shop is Online

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Dear members,

    Today we are launching our new shop, after almost a year and a half of hard work. We would really really appreciate it if you could test drive the new shop. The whole shop is accessible via, so please notice that the URL will not be used anymore in the future for the shop section. On overy page there on the left side of your browser window is small FEEDBACK tab, here you can give comments, suggestions fro new products, report bugs etc. If as many of you could test drive the new shop and give us feedback on your findings, we would be very very gratefull, hate it, love it, we want to know!!!

    Enjoy, we are here for you!



  2. I'm diggin the new layout! :yay:
  3. Looks good as usual SJ. =]
  4. its looks so easier to search than before..and it is actually...
    fun fun..
    i like the update...^_^ thank you
  5. oh it looks AWESOME!!
  6. Shop is closed?

  7. DNS server are not updated yet for your ISP, try to clean your cache/browser, restart your pc and try again

  8. SJ the link from the Grasscity Shop tab I think is whats messing it up. If I type in I go there directly but by using the tab I was re-directed.

    In any case I dig the new set-up. What would be cool is if the right side toolbar with the currency, top sellers etc, was able to scroll up and down when you do. That way if your looking at an item and need a currency converted you don't have to loose your spot on the page.
  9. i really like the new layout. man oh man, i cant wait to find me a new piece now!
  10. Kick ass, SJ! It ROCKS! :D
  11. The new shop looks very good! Much better than the old store was (not that it was bad).
  12. kick ass.
    good job sj.
  13. looks good SJ
  14. awesomeness
  15. Love it. It's a lot more user-friendly now.
  16. rock on i like it
  17. damn, shit is tight. way better than before. next purchase i make will be from here!
  18. fuckin kickass setup you got SJ


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