Superjail! Season 2

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    Words can not describe how stoked I am for this. It's surely still a ways of but I'm just happy that there is, in fact, going to be a second season - and hopefully many more after that.

    Just in case you are new to the best TV show of all time :rolleyes::

    [ame=]YouTube - Super Jail Episode 0 (Pilot) "Bunny Love"[/ame]

    Don't be afraid, get hooked.
  2. superjailll, but dude whyd you post that ep? im gonna post the one with all the trippy shit, h/o

    [ame=]YouTube - Trippy Superjail[/ame]

    fuckin stoned
  3. Broski..... They are all trippy, lmao!
  4. One of the greatest shows I never get to watch. I've seen a few episodes, and I love it.
  5. I love this show, season 2 has taken forever!!!
    I bought my bf season 1 and he loves it, wants to watch it
    over and over but I've seen it so many times because he
    always falls asleep!

  6. touche:smoking:

    after seein this thread i went and watched some old episodes baked, the time police one was so crazy, except the dream one was definately the coolest

    oh yea that pilot one was awesome too, this show is like a bad acid trip, in a spectacularly amazing way
  7. The twins are the best!
    I love their voices.
  8. wow, just wow.

    i need to be seriously :smoke::smoke::smoke: to watch this, but its kinda awesome
  9. lol they cause all of wardens problems, warden and jailbot are my favorite characters :smoking:
  10. I love the troublemaking they do.
    You think they would be fired...nope.
  11. The Warden is the fucking man. He's a sick man!

    Season 1 DVDs need to be bought by me asap
  12. Fuckin' A I love this show. Jailbot and the man/lady guard ftw.

  13. Ha agreed, but all the episodes fit on one disc. When I got it for
    my bf it was around 20, so maybe it's cheaper now.
  14. Sounds like a bargain if I ever heard one
  15. every ep is like an intense 10 min acid trip

  16. duude fuck yes i need to pick this up
  17. "This will quench your thirst... For power."

  18. YES! I thought this show was donezo for sure! Can't wait to see more Superjail!
  19. Time Police (1&2) and Dream Mach are totally my two favorites so far. :)

    [ame=]YouTube - SUPERJAIL! & The Truth About Alice - NEW YORK COMIC CON 2009[/ame]

    A little interview I thought was cool. Hopefully this means the new season will be that much more in depth.
    I've always had my theories about some of the characters (especially the twins) and the Superjail world.:smoke:
  20. When is it coming back on?
    Early next year? Mid...fuck that's far!

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