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  1. so i was getting a haircut at supercuts and some kid was was just finished with his and then he gets up to follow the lady to the register and leaves without paying..

    what is gonna happen to him?

    the barbers were just like wow what a scrub...
  2. maybe he got hit by a bus on his way out? instant karmification
  3. [​IMG]

    His hair is going to fall out or something.
  4. Maybe his cut was really bad and didn't want to pay for it... That happened to me I gave this lady one dollar and thirty seven cent. She absolutely butchered my beautiful mop.
  5. im the boy your talking about. that was me who got the super cut but didnt pay for it. i feel great and i look GREAT with my new haircut
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  6. BULLSHIT. I don't know if this was a joke or if you are serious or just trolling, because I'm too fucking high.

  7. and u just cut and run? what is gonna happen to u legally? or are u safe and they wont hunt u down?
  8. im in mexico now, no need to worry about me holmes

  9. Wait i just realized that this whole post is either a trolling session or the guy is really high and made an account on this site to ask that.

  10. Great haircuts and supercuts don't go hand-n-hand. SHENANIGANS I SAY! SHENANIGANS.
  11. This thread gave me the giggles. Dude not knowing if you were serious or not. I thought you were joking at first but now i think you might be serious lol.

  12. jul. 2010 .. u high man
  13. Thats why I don't get my hair cut. Well not actually, theres many other reasons, but paying someone to chop off part of my body sounds pretty fucked up

    I accidentally liked one of these posts, we need to get rid of this shit

  14. You have no idea.
  15. It's just like dining and dashing...they call fucking Interpol on you. I skipped out on a Swiss Chalet before paying the bill once. I now live under the alias of Muhammed ibn al-Muhammed somewhere in the mountains of Pakistan. They're still sending the SAS after me. Or they just might not give a shit about the $10 they would have gotten for their shitty haircutting.
  16. fuck man these Zoolander pics make me laugh like fuck
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  17. He’s from 2011.

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  18. Bro, so is this thread but it was funny.

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