Supercropping female plants

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by UrbanSpartan, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. If i supercrop the top of my plants instead of topping my plants, what will this do?

    Is suppercropping compared to topping pointless because when you top
    you get 2 colas instead of 1?
  2. Supercropping will get more light to your lower buds and give you more colas.. If you top you will get two branches, but the buds will be smaller than if you had just supercropped it or lst..

    I actually prefer to supercrop or lst, but thats just me
  3. both are forms of training that should increase your yield overall, however different strains respond differently to training.
    some plants ive topped and they grew out very nicely. bottom branches caught up making a nice even canopy. others were severely stunted and never grew much taller after being topped.
    same with supercropping. i've had some plants respond very well. knuckles formed at each supercropping site and the plant grew huge colas supported by these knuckles. Other plants i had didnt respond so well. the plants that didnt like the supercropping were very spindly and lanky to begin with. i wanted to supercrop to thicken to the branches, but they never healed right and yield suffered greatly.

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