Supercropping, a Guide

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  1. okay , so I see lots of blades talking about supercropping, but no one really likes to explain it, including myself.

    there was a decent tutorial once, and til we get a new one with more of the updated methods, I submit this, a thread from the old OG forums

    I take no credit for this body of work, that belongs to smokinrav , just the cut and paste.

    Hope this helps, until we can get a new updated tutorial

  2. Also if you would like to help make a new supercropping tutorial a reality here on GC, and have some knowledge, please share any photos, and techniques here..

    hoping to have an updated version out this fall, and will take any help .

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    Wharf, i supercropped not even knowing that's what i was doing! It just made sense to me to open the plant up and when the middle brances got too long for my liking, i just pinched with my fingers and bent them over. I just recently discovered that what i was doing was an actual technique! Thanks for this info :wave:

    nice even canopy thanks to supercopping!

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  4. I did supercropping after watching one or two videos about it, did it kind of late and im pretty sure even in the wrong spot, but here is what one looked like today.
  5. ^ at that point you don't really need it as much... It's used to even out the canopy during flowering so all the bud sights get equal light

  6. ^^ this...I started supercropping right when the stretch started to hit from flowering to even out my canopy as well. Seemed like the perfect time to do it, and it worked! :smoke:
  7. I start supercropping sometime in the first month.


    as you can see, this can lead to quite the bush.

    this plant ( like most of my outdoor grow this year) will be getting 2-3 Supercropping sessions through the season

    I can show you better with this one .. she is a bit of a runt .. got broken off just below the soil line when she was about 2 weeks old. Here is the first Supercropping site( between nodes 6-7), done about a month ago.

    and another of the the same site

    this next site, one I "cropped" 5 days ago. ( same plant as the 2 pics above)

    and here is what she looks like at present


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  8. beautifully done. IM super cropping mine last thursday. and looking really good right now. well done.
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    ok i have lots of other better pics of super cropped and topped plants but here is 1 i found thats not posted in another thread !! this plant was afgan kush topped when got 5 fingered leaves then again at 4 week mark and flowered then super cropped !! yes went bit mad but got great results all the same !! this grow im doing now is 1000 mixed spec with 8 black kush on end of second week 12 12 . this time i topped 4 and then super cropped and tyed down all there branches and the other 4 un topped just all branches tyed down and super cropped and so far so good . have found the plants that are only super cropped and not topped have the biggest gappes between nodes but still at most 2 inch on a couple of un topped plants so all good :D i first grew like this last year and 1st pics i sent to soft serets paper in holland end of last year were published and got some free critical jack seeds from dinafem !! was real happy so sent few more and yet again i have some seeds on there way to me so after i finish blooming these ill be sticking 2 critical jack and how ever many seeds im sent this time , blue widow i have asked for so ill let you know when i find out !!! this is pic of single plant and 1 of my grow room i had in my atic untill the local rat bag police came robbed me !!!! in court tomorow for production but you know what io say to that !? i do not see this as a crime and only grow as to take out the dealers and supply my own grown weed to eas panic attackes and insomnia and refuse to go work for them for 0£ on my only dayof work ??? i dont think so !! lol anyway i will be cool as know they know that i know that aleast 2 out of 3 of the majastrates beleave it should be legalized so a fine hopfully and ill pay it by letting a couple of onces go to close friend when i finish this crop!!!!! peace and happy growing to you all !!

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  10. ^^ Dinafems blue widow is some awesome smoke^^^

    ty for pics,and info. lookin good too btw
  11. Great find and post wharfrat.

    Im going to read back over this for my next grow.

    And might i add you got some good looking plants growing outback!
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    Is that reflective insulation you have on those walls? Im going to be setting up an attic soon that obviously needs to be insulated, curious if that stuff works or if i should look into the spray foam insulation.
  13. thanks dude ! noticed id spelled blue in blue widow wrong lol anyway yeah cant wait to get those babies going !!! gave my girls pure rain water last 2 waterings as to give a little flush and they look so happy !!! restart bloom nutes next watering though !! hope all is well in your garden !! peace!!
  14. yes
    i find it works well for me ! certainlly seems to keep the heat contained !! need good air intake and out take but worth it in the long run ! i must ad i did get given a large roll of it for nothing from a mate who works building houses so beware its expensive but shure no more than using insulation foam !
  15. no problem there my friend youve made a good job and no its about the right place ! where the largest space in the uper nodes of the main stem and looks like thats where your pinch and bend are ! i always read up on any technice before i try it ! watch a fe vidios hunt it out on the forum and seem to hardy go wrong ! as im sure you know its mostly about trial and error and in time it all drops into place ! take care and happy growing my friend !
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    This thread is awesome, but i have just one question.

    One of my two outdoor plants has two tops which are super-cropped, and also tied down.
    So the question is do i take the ties off at any time? If so when?

    Here's a pic of what i got.
    The branches circled in yellow are the two main tops i got after topping.
    The two tops got super-cropped about 2 weeks ago.

    Unknown strain, just bagseed.
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    do you have em tied off like in an upside down U ? or tied to something ?

    cause if it is just tied back on itself ( "upside down U" look), and those leads have come back up like that .. yeah pull your ties..
  18. They're tied to the bucket with a thin rope.
    So you're saying once those heads bend back upward i should take them off?
    i forgot to mention that i don't want this plant to be too tall, i only have about 2 more feet to work with.
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    No, don't un tie them, let them bee so all side branches will become tops too.
    And especially if you don't have much height room. keeping them tied will bring up the middle branches, as mine did, and then you can train those branches also. Im indoor, so i LST w/24 hour on and im now tying weight to those little branches that now have become tops. :)
  20. so leave them on until harvest?

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