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  1. what is the latest u can super crop a plant? can u supercrop while its flowering?
  2. To late into flowering will affect your production. If your plants are in the first few weeks of 12/12, or otherwise still in "stretch" you should be OK. Probably within the first two weeks is ideal, third may be pushing it depending on genetics.
  3. today starts the first day of the 3rd week. I saw i few vids on youtube that said it could be done in the flowering stage but i wanted to make sure
  4. I usually stop all supercropping and trimming by the beginning of week 3. I've read that damage and stress to the plant after that will affect yields & quality because the plant is already working so hard to produce flowers that it cant heal properly

  5. you can train/super-crop anytime. after the stretch, there's really no need since they've stopped growing for the most part. i don't even start until after i go to flower. it just depends on what you're wanting to accomplish. if your space is limited, it's best to start early. don't stress (lol) over stressing the plant when doing anything. stress isn't as big of an issue as some might believe. when trimming, just don't do too much at any one time. spread it out over a few days if you have a lot to do. if you keep up on trimming, you should never have that much to do anyway. tying down/training isn't very stressful at all. the only time you really need to be concerned about stress, is if you interrupt the dark cycle. this can easily cause your girls to herm on you. but, even then, unless it's something you do regularly, you should be fine.... don't stress over stress, mj is a pretty resilient plant...
  6. True, it is a weed, but super cropping is different from just tying and training. Super cropping breaks the inside of the stock, which will cause stress and release hormones in the plant (it needs to heal before large flowers weigh the branch down, the spot will look like a knuckle). So to do something that harsh to the plant too far into flowering will stress it. Some stress is good, makes plants hardier, but too much and you'll decrease yields.
    The plant is busy producing big, juicy, resinous buds, so why disturb that any more than ya have to? :)
  7. when super cropping in flower do it lightly... I say about 15% of all my "twist N' breaks" in flower are too agro'd .. .aka they do not do a 90% which is what you generally want in flower , but closer to a 160-170%, and that will kill the harvest from said branch unless tied up.

    My .02$
  8. i guess i toped and croped late is there any way to try fixing it at all mine is flowering and the 2 branches did not develop much this is my first 1)ty...
  9. hope this help [ame=]Supercropping How To part 3 - YouTube[/ame]
  10. I have had a plant that was like six feet tall and it was fucking up my whole canopy do chopped it as soon as stretch was done and that was week two of flower. And it came out just fine actually I was quite surprised by it. It's not that it'll Hirt your plant because it will not. What happens is your removing a branch that would have been a bud and then you lose that bud. It has no ill affect as far as overall plant health goes
  11. Id say you can get away with it this late. But I'd do it tonight if your gonna do it.
  12. Sorry I topped mine and the two bid sites where I left on top grew two nice buds. You could just snap a branch and let it hang over , it'll still grow fine it'll just grow sideways. Actually I have a video update in my global grow where I totally snapped the top of a plant and it's just hanging on by the skin , litteraly snapped in half yet is still thriving and alive. I didn't realize everything it needs can go right through the skin so to speak. I thought it was the inside of the stem that shit travels.
    Both my journals have super cropping in them the top shows many video updates and the outcome of the fimming , tying down and topping em. I do all three
  13. t y very much:) and yes it was very helpfull!the video was exactly what i was looking for and did not find for some reason :)every day you learn somethin ... tnx again)))

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