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  1. Hey Folks!!
    I did not found any topics about the very Known "SUPERBUD (Reborn)".
    What I know is that...
    It is some missunderstanding about the producer. Many belives that it is the Dutch Master have produce
    SP (Superbud), but it is Dutch HYDRO. Beside this, the product has been baned in many countrys.
    From what I understod, SP gives you raly havy buds, but it is not for human use. The plant you eat ore smoke should not get SP.
    Now Duthc Hydro have a new product, Superbud REBORN.
    Any one use it? Review pleas??

  2. I'm confused as fuck.
    Is this a strain or an additive? Why would a company make an additive that doesn't allow for ingestion or inhalation of the final product?
    So what's it good for? Ointments?
  3. it is a bloombooster. From beginig for houseplant. Rosos and sÃ¥ on. Not consume the end produkt. But now there is a "REBORN" version.
  4. Just use fox farms bruh

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