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  1. SUPERBOX from Supercloset
    \n    Hi everyone, decided to start my first grow and picked the Superbox from supercloset.  I know everyone says they are overpriced but I thought for a first grow (and the idea it comes with everything) it will be alright and after a few small grows under my belt I can move onto a tent set up. It fits 8 plants but I thought I would start with 2 Autoflower dwarfs due to the limited size.  Does anyone have any advice on a certain strain that works well in the superbox?  Any absolute Do's or Don'ts when using the superbox?  I've read a bunch of forums and picked up the "hydoponic bible" (looks like I will need a scrog net) but I would like to hear from some people with some hands on knowledge.  Thank you in advance and I'm really excited to start on this,

  2. $800 for a small box with a CFL is a foolish purchase. You say it has everything, but you are paying more than $500 for them to tell you what everything is. We can tell you for free.
    How long do you think it will take you to grow 800 worth of weed in that small box? Be a while for you to break even and by then you will have it stuffed away in your attic or at a friends house (to make room for your real grow).
    At best it is a the right size for a small clone cabinet.
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    my 1st grow I went with a 4.5x4.5x7.5 foot 1000 watt hps grow tent with 2 inline fans and a cooltube and a carbon filter for $1800. it can hold 20 6.5 gallon pots and the plants can get 4 feet tall.. I say get your tent and be done with it. I seen cool grow boxes but they don't produce enough to make it worth your time. if you can get by with 2 oz every 4-5 months then get it.
  4. And if you're using CFL's anyway you could probably just put together your own grow box with some DIY ingenuity, PVC piping, and panda film for well under $100 and that saves you cash to put in to amenities like more lighting.
  5. The most expensive item in that setup is the metal locker. It's like paying top-dollar for a low-end computer with a top of the line case. Sure, it looks nice and sturdy but it's the equipment inside that really matters. Basically, you just bought a really nice enclosure for $800.

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