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Superbowl Ad

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by GoingBananas420, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Vote for NORML in Intuit's super bowl business contest, I wanna see a marijuana ad in the super bowl!!!!!  Everyone vote and share this with your friends! This is the last night to vote!
    Here is the link:

  2. [SIZE=9pt]well in 15 days we will know if it gets into the finals or not, were at the part where the sites hand picks its top 20 choices before going back to the people for the final vote, so if it's going to get killed that's is where it would happen.  but if it passes that it should see clear sailing. that is unless the super bowl people don't step in and refuse to approve it for air time. [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=9pt]I think it's going to be killed, I highly doubt there going to allow a pro pot ad on super bowl, not after the pissy fit people threw with the nascar billboard. either way if it does or doesn't pass the air time and attention its gotten through news shows has been a great publicity overall.[/SIZE]
  3. Not surprised to see it killed. I doubt the NFL would want to promote Marijuana, they want people to drink and get loud. The ad for Bud Light with the guy throwing a fit while his team is winning, but it's cool because he brings Bud Light every game, sums it up perfectly to me.
  4. Intuit Does Not Advance NORML to Round 3 in Super Bowl Ad Contest 
    Came in first place, yet they dont pass on. Fuck intuit
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    do you have the source link for this, please? i'd like to share on my FB.  sounds extremely similar to when NC reps turned down some kind of recreational marijuana vote or discussion or something (it was awhile ago dont remember the details), but the only reason they turned it down was because it had and i quote "an annoying level of support".  those 5 words are all i remember, but they stand out.
    best source i could find:

  6. link
  7. I found this on the Intuit site listed under media contacts. I called and left a message. I don't imagine it would take many calls before their inbox is full of NORML supporters.
    \tPublic Relations Hotline\t650-944-3050\tLeave a voice mail message.\tWe will return your call within one business day.

  8. M EFFERSthis is bullshit.not democracy. this is censorship.
  9. I can't tell you how much shit I've gotten on this site for telling everyone the VERY obvious reasons this was never going anywhere.
    Intuit is a highly prohibitionist organization. *Surprise.* They are eyeballs deep in many industries like home lending that are being used to hide assets, etc. They are sub-prime lenders just like the rest of the "too big to fail" lot.
    A little common sense and reality helps in all this stuff. Read the laws. Understand the businesses these companies are involved with. There was never a chance for this process to work. This is also why I am asking people to question organizations like NORML and MPP, because if some schlub like me behind a computer can figure this shit out, why can't NORML. Love the feigned surprise and indignation in their response. Give it up, NORML. You're just another lobbyist at this point. Just like all the other "non-profits" out there doing political deeds.
  10. Don't look to corporations for Democracy. You'll be disappointed every time.
    I don't think it was ever about winning.  I think it was about getting media attention.  And to that end, they succeeded.  My belief is that they knew it was a non-starter, but it did get them some attention.

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